November 19, 2017

Why We Don’t Allow Our Children to Say They’re Starving

It’s not uncommon to hear people use the expression, “I’m starving!” as dinner time approaches and growling tummies await food that they can smell from the kitchen.

I said it my whole life.  My husband used to say it.  We used to hear our own children say it.

But that changed a few years ago when my husband came back from a mission trip to Swaziland.  He hadn’t been back long when one of the boys uttered the phrase.  He looked at our son, and looked at me, and kindly requested that we strike this phrase from our family’s lexicon.

He had SEEN starvation.

He had held it in his lap.

He had witnessed children eating scraps of garbage because they were truly STARVING.

He had passed out the food as people waited in long lines for something to eat.

We are not starving.  And as we’ve taught the boys over the years about other cultures around the world, including the nation of Swaziland, our boys have come to realize  how abundantly blessed they really are.  If one of them (for some strange reason) momentarily forgets and says they are starving, we simply remind them – “No, you are not starving.  Starving is when you haven’t had any food for DAYS.”

They can say they are hungry.  They can say they want something to eat.  But starving, they are NOT.

I’m so thankful for our full pantry and fridge.  I’m thankful for the ability to provide hot, cooked, nutritious meals for our children consistently.  I am humbled by the fact that I can simply go to a store once a week, and collect every single item that we could possibly need or want to prepare our favorite meals.  We’re so blessed.

We are so blessed.

If you’d like to read more about our family’s involvement in trying to help the nation of Swaziland, or if you’d like to learn what missionaries are doing, or how you can help the people of Swaziland, Africa, click here.

Thanks, friends!

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  1. I love your post! Great reminder. I think this will be our lunch time discussion.


  2. We remind our kids often not to say they are starving. I catch myself as well. It’s become a big deal in our house to correct ourselves when we say that phrase. You are right, we are not starving. We have no idea what it’s like to truly be hungry. Thanks for keeping things in perspective!

  3. You are so right! My husband is a youth pastor and he led a team from our church to Haiti last year. It will so change your perspective. One child that he worked with had been living in a one-room tent for the past 18 months. Our group was able to rent her a home for a year, and my husband and I now sponsor this child. But that’s one child…..there are so many! Our daughter is very young still, but I think I may take up your challenge and not allow her to say she’s starving….thanks for the post!

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