November 18, 2017

Why Moms Need to Stress Less and Enjoy Their Kids More

Why Moms Need to Stress Less and Enjoy Their Kids More |
Our sweet ninth baby boy is approaching his first birthday. I’ve been a blogger long enough to know this marks a change in season for me as his mama. With this change comes more writing.
I’m working on several things right now. One is about things I wish I had known before I became a mother 18 years ago.
Here’s one: “You’re no less of a good mother if you make your own baby food or if you buy it from the store or if you skip it altogether because you think baby-led is the best. Feeding baby healthy food for the win!”
Can all the mommy-wars just stop?
I’m on the other side of this mom journey now as we prepare for one to move out of our nest in the coming months, and can I tell you?
  • I don’t regret ANY lost sleep from that guy.
  • I don’t wish I had made more jars of baby food from scratch.
  • I don’t wish I had nursed him longer than “only” 15 months.
  • I don’t wish I had read any more or any less than the 387 parenting books I read before the invention of modern-day internet.
  • I don’t wish I had refused an epidural for his birth.
  • I don’t wish that I had potty-trained earlier or later, or that I had menu-planned more, or gone to more or less play-dates.
  • I don’t wish time had gone faster.
In fact,
  • I do wish I had played with him more when he was the 7 year old boy who wanted to play with his mom instead of cleaning the house more.  (They eventually stop asking you to play with them.)
  • I do wish I had stressed less about sleep schedules and let it roll.
  • I do wish I had taken more pictures WITH him instead of worrying my hair and make-up weren’t done.
  • I DID enjoy his wonderful childhood, but I DO wish I had slowed down more often.
Because it all flies. Motherhood is a blink, I’m telling you.
Mamas, pull those babies (big and small) in for a moment. Hug ’em up tight. They will be grown so fast and you will look back and realize so much was not worth stressing about. Not even sleep. Definitely not even sleep. Definitely not silly mommy-wars over this and that.
Be a loving mom now, and the best mom to YOUR kids now.  Be all in.
Be a marathon mom who is in for the long haul.
Because the long haul goes way faster than you think.


  1. Thank you, I seem to need these kind of reminders constantly. My oldest is seven and I do at least remember to cherish and enjoy that he wants to cuddle every night at bedtime, even though I am busy and tired at that time.

  2. Jazzi Stone says:

    This is so true!
    Thank you for sharing and helping me to remind myself to do all these important things!

  3. Thank you thank you. Your iron has sharpened me. I am convicted and taking your words to heart. As I read your post I could almost hear my almost 5-year-old asking me to play and me responding with “yes honey I will after I clean the… Take care of … First we have to…”
    …..they eventually stop asking you…..

    I am a mother of two littles. And I, if no one else, need these words of encouragement and wisdom. There are so many opinions and too much pressure for our generation to keep up with… And at the end of the day I wonder if I’m messing it all up, or if they know how loved they are.

    So keeping writing to me. I’m listening .

  4. I’ve been a mom for 12 years now, and weaning my oldest onto formula at 6 months, and feeding her baby food from a jar are two of my biggest regrets. Her health and dental structure suffered greatly because of those decisions.

    • I just wanted to clarify – it’s not the formula I credit with the health issues, but the switch to only bottle feeding at 6 months, as opposed to the mix of bottle and nursing in the first six months. My dd should have been nursing (no bottles) for probably a year and a half to avoid the dental issues she developed.

      • Brandy Ferguson says:

        Lucy, please don’t carry around guilt for feeding your daughter from a bottle. I have weaned some babies earlier than I wanted to because I had no choice, and they didn’t have dental issues. Sometimes dental issues are genetic, and it isn’t your fault she had dental issues because you fed your baby with a bottle.

  5. I think your amazing brandy

  6. Words of wisdom that I need to repeat like a mantra! It’s been said many times, but being a Mum is often overwhelming and lonely; and it’s hard to see all the simple blessings each day brings. I will try to focus on this and God more in the future.

    Thanks for taking the time to help others. You have a lovely and happy looking family by the way!

  7. Moms, Brandy is so right. I raised a house full of girls. Homeschooled and nursed for as long as they wanted to nurse. Raised a huge garden, canned and froze most all of our veggies and fruits. It was a marathon for sure, of epic proportions. Often exhausted, and sorry to say a husband who expected an immaculate house and a full course homemade meal on the table every night. No he didn’t help, he had a career to pursue. I know that sounds a tinge bitter, it’s not. The point is life isn’t always fairytale perfect. But give it everything you have gals, Brandy is right, time flies really fast, and when the days and years are gone… They are gone. cherish every second you have with your children, even the frustrating, infuriating times. I’m in my sixties, my girls in their thirties. Give it your best, and thank God every day for the amazing privilege of being a mom. There is nothing in life more important.

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