December 12, 2017

Why I’m Doing a 10 Day Advocare Cleanse



For the past year, I’ve tried different things in attempt to shed those last few pregnancy pounds.  I would lose five, gain them back, lose eight, gain back four, plateau, lose seven. And now they’re all back again. Bleh.  No fun.

And these past few months I’ve realized I have a number of factors going on here.

One, I’m 40.

Two, by the time our ninth baby boy was born, my metabolism had slowed and I didn’t lose the weight quickly like I did so many other times before.

Three, c-sections don’t help your abs.  Or your skin.  Or your elasticity.

Four, I’m still not good at fueling my body properly even though I’ve been trying Trim Healthy Mama for a few months.  I literally forget to eat sometimes, and have to force myself to eat breakfast because I just don’t want food in the mornings.  This contributes to poor metabolism.

Five, my stress level has been higher than I can remember it ever being.  (I’m working on it.)  Stress, poor sleep, not eating the right fuels at the right times, and well, that’s a recipe for cortisol, fat storage, and adrenal fatigue.

While I love THM and plan to continue because I see many more health benefits than just weight loss with eating that way, right now I need a jumpstart.

I’ve done the Advocare 24 Day Challenge before, and it works as a nice reset when you need a little kick in the pants.  The first part is a 10 Day Cleanse.

I started Day 1 today.  It’s actually pretty easy.  Here are the basics.

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Basics

  1.  Take probiotic with water or Spark in the morning.
  2. Thirty minutes later, drink Advocare fiber drink, and eat a protein breakfast.  (I recommend no bread or dairy during a cleanse.  Scrambled eggs with salsa work well.)
  3. Take Omegaplex (fish oil capsules) with lunch.  (I recommend lean protein and vegetables for lunch.)
  4. Commit to eating as clean as possible.  (I keep clementines handy for snacks so I don’t munch on cheese and crackers.)
  5. Eat a healthy dinner, then take the Herbal Cleanse tablets before bed.


I’m looking forward to seeing some good results.  I need to be healthy for me, for my husband, and for my kiddos and this marathon of motherhood.  It may not be super easy for me to give up my favorite coffee or dairy, because yogurt and cheese are my go-to snacks, but hey, this is a challenge.  I can do it.  And so can you!

Are you looking for a little kick in the pants to help jumpstart your weight loss, too?

Feel free to join me, and to email with questions!

I’ll be posting my results after the first ten days.  And most likely, I’ll continue on with the max phase of the 24 Day Challenge.

Click here if you’d like to order, or read more about the 10 Day Cleanse, the Max Phase, or the whole 24 Day Challenge.

Or click here if you know you know you’re ready to join and get started with a discount.


  1. Have you looked into some supplements for adrenal fatigue? Stress takes a huge toll on your adrenals and then in turn causes more stress.

  2. Just wondering how your results were with Advocare? I’ve thought about doing it for the same reasons.

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