November 22, 2017

What Moms Need: Week 23 – Peace


How could she have known?

How could Mary have had any idea what was being entrusted to her?  How could she have had any peace, not knowing what the future held? Not understanding the situation thoroughly.  Not knowing what she was going to go through.

A baby does change everything.

A turbulent pregnancy, a hard labor, and sometimes a painful delivery later, a baby is placed on a mother’s chest.




Somehow a sense of well-being quickly replaces the feeling of dying that only moments ago, consumed the thoughts of the mother-to-be.  And as she gazes into her newborn’s eyes, and places one finger in the palm of his hand, and he curls his fingers around hers, hot tears begin to fall, without control, down the mother’s face, then neck, then chest.

Without hesitation, and simultaneous with the baby’s entrance into the world, courage is born in this mother.  A commitment, a drive, a resolve overwhelm her.

She doesn’t need to understand the whole plan anymore.  Her heart content to hold, nurture and protect her new child, the journey begins.

She is grateful, relieved.  And she is at peace.

But as the journey has only just begun, she soon realizes that courage and commitment only get her so far.

The road is long and arduous.

The terrain is unknown.  There are pitfalls and unexpected holes in the road.  Dangers, illnesses, and difficult situations embellish the path upon which she’s traveling.

And some days the only thing that gets her through, the only thing that keeps her from becoming overwhelmed with fear is knowing that her Creator God has it all in His hands.  And thus, her heart can be at peace.

Again.  Not knowing what lies around the next bend.  In the cold and dark, she is warm and trusts the Lord to light her way.

A heart at peace, she can lie down, close her eyes and really rest.

She can wake up and face the day tomorrow, because her heart is peaceful, resting in His perfect plan.

I want to encourage you moms, today, to find peace in Him. Like Mary, you may have no idea why the Lord has called you to do the task that He did.  You may not understand it or embrace it.  You may question how you’ll make it through.  But be at peace.  Rest in Him.  Trust Him.

[He] will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in [Him]. Isaiah 26:3

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  1. Wonderful post, and I loved how you described the peace the moment baby is born! Thank you for the wonderful reminder to find peace in Him and not try to find peace on our own (’cause its just not gonna happen!).

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