November 18, 2017

What Moms Need: Week 21 – Balance

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I’m guilty of both – trying to do too many things at once, and focusing on too little to keep things in balance.

I waver between trying to do it all and be it all, and then (often due to burnout from said behavior) resort to not doing enough of a variety to keep our family in a nice balance.

Moms need balance.

For the sake of their sanity.  For the sake of their homes.  For the sake of their families.

How to find that balance?

I’ve realized through the years, that a few key principles applied help drastically in this area.

4 Keys to Being a Balanced Mom

Simplicity – Keep it simple.  Focus on the most important things:  God, your husband, your children, your home, your friends, and health.  If you think about it, what else matters?

Consistency – I’ve found that by consistently focusing on those things, it somehow seems there’s less to do. You don’t let the laundry pile up because you’re diligent and the reward is that it’s not overwhelming.  You consistently teach your children to help out with household chores and the pay-off is not only a cleaner home, that they have a good character quality called responsibility, but you eventually won’t have to ask much anymore.  Consistently cleaning your home and doing regular chores keeps it more manageable and makes your house a more enjoyable place to be.

Variety – While on the other hand, if housework is all you focus on, you’ll soon feel frustrated, unsatisfied, and ultimately, imbalanced.  A clean home is a good thing, but keep it in perspective.  There’s “clean enough” and then there’s OCD.  Moms need to keep it in perspective that child-rearing is often messy work.  To expect a perfectly clean home is setting yourself up for failure.  There will be crumbs and toys on the floor.  Enjoy  life anyway.  Break up with the idea that you can’t do anything else and remember to find some variety.  Take care of your home, yes, and enjoy your hobbies when you can, too.  Remember date nights with your husband.  Schedule them in. Make time for friends.  You’ll be a healthier mom because of it.

Creativity – Sometimes being a stay-at-home mom can feel mundane with those day-to-day routines.  Make it fun. Be flexible.  Do something different.  Turn on music at chore time.  Take a long walk with your kids spontaneously.  If you homeschool, have an art day, a cooking day, a picnic day.  Explore your freedom and exercise your creativity.

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How do YOU keep it all in balance as a mom?



  1. Very well said. I think where most moms struggle is getting out of balance. This makes their whole life get out of whack. I’m a Christian first, a wife second and a mommy third. Everything else comes after that. If I don’t have time, I don’t have time.

  2. As a mom who frequently finds herself out of balance, it’s something I am striving for. It’s so hard juggling it all. Thank you for these wonderful tips. I am leaning in to hear His voice to help relieve me of some of the things that weigh me down.

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