November 18, 2017

What Moms Need: Week 18 – Order

You may not notice how much you appreciate it as a mother until it’s missing from your home.

So many blessings both stem from and blossom into order in the home.

Things that cause order in the home:

  • discipline –  Is your husband the leader in your home?  Are you disciplined yourself?  By that I mean, do you regularly tend to the things that you know you need to do to function optimally?  Are you disciplined in your daily time with God?  Do you practice discipline in your food choices?  Regular exercise?  Are your children disciplined?  Do you and your husband require that your children are obedient?  SO MUCH order is either created or forfeited by this one principle being applied in the home.
  • diligence – Are you diligent in your household duties?  Do you ebb and flow (like I do sometimes) with your commitment to keeping a clean home?  Are you teaching your children to help upkeep the home daily?  Are they pitching in and doing their part?  It requires diligence in teaching them this responsibility, too.
  • simplicity – Do you have too much stuff?  I have found that when we have too many clothes, we wear too many clothes.  When we have too many dishes, we wait longer to wash the dirty ones, resulting in a bigger pile.  Sometimes the most effective key in home organization is as fundamental as simplicity.  Paring down is a tremendous help.  Storing away out of season clothing helps a lot, too.
  • organization – You’ve heard the saying, perhaps, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”  This is true.  Keeping everything in order includes spending time being proactive and organizing your home.  Once this is done, it takes time to teach young ones to put things back in their respective homes, but it can be done.  Assigning chores using a chore chart for kids helps a lot, too.  Once they know their “jobs”, children learn to do them quickly.  Our children help do larger chores like unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, and taking out trash.  Our 3 year old likes to spray and wipe chairs and to put the silverware in the drawer.  If everyone does one small job after each meal, it really goes a long way!
  • planning – I plan ahead for everything.  Most specifically, I menu plan.  Our menu for next week was written this morning before I made the grocery list.  Benefits of menu-planning include not only preparedness for the week, but I find that we’re able to eat healthier, eat for less money, and I can plan around other weekly activities like football and soccer, too.  Our homeschool days are also planned ahead.  The boys know that on certain days they focus on certain subjects and other days they work on different things.

Results of order in the home:

  • peace – When our children know what is expected of them and are obedient, I’m more peaceful as a mother.
  • comfort – When I’ve spent the time taking care of our home and making it a place of warmth, our whole family appreciates the comfort this provides.  We appreciate being home when it is orderly and nice, and we’re free to do more things leisurely as a family.
  • stability – An ordered home provides an environment where every family member feels the effects of the solid foundation of the leadership of Dad and then Mom.  Children are secure, and although may sometimes balk at some of the expectations set for them, they feel safe inside the boundaries set by their parents.
  • punctuality – A direct result of order in the home, families who are organized find it easier to be punctual.  If everyone knows where their shoes are, we can leave on time more often.
  • predictability – An ordered home provides an environment in which every family member knows what to expect.  Mom doesn’t panic at meal time, because she planned ahead.  Children help out with chores because it’s been established for them already what job belongs to whom.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.  Psalm 37:23

Is order in the home something you excel in?  Struggle with?




  1. Thanks for this post! So many of these things I already know but definitely need a reminder once in awhile. When my house is out of order, I feel chaotic & definitely see a change in the kids as well. Just started menu planning this past week & it’s been great!

  2. A very helpful post! Even if one was organized in their pre baby life, it all goes haywire the minute junior comes in. I think planning ahead – menus, daily routines, even clothes, really takes a huge load off and then everything else is so much easier. I recently made a daily timetable for my preschooler, and since then his sleep hours and meal times have all fallen into place!!

  3. This is so true, I am a much happier rested person when my house is in order.

    I just wanted to let you know that I gave you the Versatile blogger award.

  4. Joan Millard says:

    thank you for taking time from your very busy days to post wonderful recipes! the granola bars are going to help a lot!

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