November 23, 2017

Waiting for Healing: A Hurt Leg

I had struggled with questions surrounding my first-ever (and hopefully only) c-section birth.  Once Malachi was born, not all of my symptoms disappeared.  I remember telling my sister that my arms just hurt.

And when he was just a few weeks old, I started feeling the leg pain.  I think I noticed it first when I was driving.  Deep, burning pain in the middle of my left thigh.  I just figured I had strained it and didn’t think another thing about it.

It happened again.  And again.  I still ignored it.

After a week of increasing pain, I told my husband.  The pain didn’t get much worse, but it wasn’t going away either. We finally called our practitioner, who said we needed to get an MRI immediately.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of this, so I gave it another week or two to go away.  When it didn’t, I gave in to the MRI.

It was a stress fracture, they said.

And with no reason for a fracture, since I hadn’t run since the half marathon in 2014, we needed to investigate why this had happened on an otherwise healthy 39 year old woman.

Blood tests looked good, but not surprisingly, showed vitamin D deficiency.  And we did a bone density scan.  The diagnosis was not surprising, but a little hard to accept:  osteopenia and osteoporosis.  The news was better than our worst fear, but the recovery was not going to be overnight, either.

I’ve entered the long season of recovery time for Pregnancy and Lactation-Associated Osteoporosis (most common in first pregnancies, but can be seen in subsequent ones) . The treatment, although slow, is fairly simple:  rest and vitamin D and calcium supplements.

Here’s hoping to a super quick recovery, but in the meantime, I am doing my best to stay positive and highlight the many lessons for our family in the process.

The first one?

I WANT to be here.  I WANT to run this race.


  1. Don’t forget Vitamin K in your recovery. Calcium supplementation without adequate Vitamin K might be harmful.

  2. I want to add to the vit K comment to add in zinc. That is a necessary mineral for D absorption. Good luck with your healing and recovery!

    • Brandy Ferguson says:

      Thank you Andrea! I added in a vitamin c supplement that also has zinc in it! 🙂 I’m doing better. Thank you so much!

  3. I have followed your blog for so long! You are such an inspiration! Stay strong mama!!

  4. I have osteopenia and in addition to supplements I’ve substantially reduced my sugar intake and I don’t eat grains high in phytates unless they’ve been soaked first. I added the dietary changes because three years of supplementation has me holding steady but it hasn’t reversed it. Eating too much sugar does have a detrimental effect on bones so it was time to do something about that.

    • Brandy Ferguson says:

      Thank you Paula! (That was my mom’s name, btw.) I appreciate your comment. I have cut way back on sugar. I also eliminated almost all caffeine because it leeches calcium from the bones.

  5. Hi. I have 5 kids and also had a stress fracture in the neck of my femur! One of the kids kicked my crutch which landed me into the ER with emergency surgery, a huge rod/pins, crutches for months, etc. (3 years ago). I also did bone scan, etc. and have osteoporosis! It’s not the end of the world.. just up your calcium, vitamin K, boron. I don’t take the prescription for it due to the side effects and my numbers haven’t gotten worse in the past 3 years. The babies have sucked the bones out of us!!! I hope you can rest and recover quickly!!!

    • Brandy Ferguson says:

      Wow! I’m so sorry that happened to you! I am glad you are doing good now! I am taking a supplement that includes vitamin K with the calcium. As of today, I have made tremendous improvement. Thanks so much for you helpful comment. 🙂

  6. Make sure it is D3 as it assimilates better and D2 does not. And if you can get calcium along with other minerals all together in a liquid homeopathic form as calcium in pill form can calcify arteries too and liquid with minerals assimilates better also. Hope you have a full and speedy recovery!

    • Brandy Ferguson says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Sue. You are right on. I am taking D3 for sure. Thank you so much for your concern and taking the time to post your comment.

  7. Hang in there mamma! You are doing great. I am sorry none of this is working out how you pictured, but hang in there. You are loved. By your God, your hubby, your boys and your sisters in Christ.

  8. Have you explored homeopathy? Joette Calabrese gives a free 15 min consult and would be happy to discuss the benefits. I’m currently working with her following the birth of our 3rd child. The Weston A Price Fondation gives great info on obtaining vitamin D from cod liver oil. Best of health to you TWO!

  9. rosalind wong says:

    Best of luck Brandy-keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

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