November 19, 2017

Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies

I recently met another MOTHER OF SEVEN BOYS!!!!!  Yes, there is another lady on the planet who mothers seven boys in a row!!!

She is a dear reader, and it just so happened that one day, when I emailed her to say hello, she was close enough for a visit!!!

We met at the park with my seven and six of hers (her oldest was busy), and the boys played  while we talked.  It was so nice to get to chat and hang out with another mother who really lives with the same amount of testosterone that I do.  I was so happy to get to spend some time with her and her family.   We covered the usual topics….curriculum, passenger vans, and food, of course!  She was so sweet to share her favorite oatmeal cookie recipe with me.  It’s the one from the Quaker Oats box.  Thanks, Julie!!!   Enjoy!


The boys love them (with and without raisins!)  And we found out why they’re called “vanishing” oatmeal cookies!!



  1. Haha…just to let you know that the two of you mothers-of-7-boys aren’t alone, I also know a family in southern Alberta, Canada, with 9 boys. And not a single girl! When their last was about to be born, my mother had a little comic ready to send to them, just in case it was a girl. The comic showed a row of boys standing beside their mother’s hospital bed, staring down at the new baby girl in her arms, and one boy exclaiming, “Aww, Mom, you’re slipping!!”

  2. How fun that you have all those great boys. I married the oldest son of a family of eight boys. Yes, I was Carol’s first daughter. I love her dearly and she is the best mom for those eight boys. Between Carol and Gary they did pretty fantastic. The last son was married last weekend. They are all wonderful. I love reading your blog and the ant dotes of your growing family.

  3. These really are vanishing cookies! SOOOO yummy. I subbed pecans for raisins and they were a hit! Thanks!

  4. Wow! My husband is number two of seven boys. He was the first to marry so I was the first girl in the family for several years. All his brothers love me like a sister. My sweet mother-in-law always called me her favorite daughter until she passed on to heaven. My grumbly (but really teddy bear) of a father-in-law called me his girl and said his son was lucky. I am the lucky one to have married a man raised to be a Christian husband and father, who loves me with all his heart and has for over 35 years.

  5. I made these gf, df today by using coconut oil in place of butter, added an extra egg along with 1 tsp. guar gum. I used a gf flour mix that I make of 1 part tapioca starch with 2 parts sorghum flour (that I order in 25# bags) in place of the flour. They turned out great. The trick is to make sure they cool before you take them off the cookie sheet or they will crumble.

  6. uncle Ron says:

    I always though my Mother made the best oatmeal raisin cookies, all she did was use the recipe on the Quaker Oats box with one slight twist, she would painstakenly cut ALL the raisins in half. Now for those of you that don’t think this makes a difference just make a batch without cutting them and make a batch cutting them. Give them to the kids, (don’t tell them which are which) and ask them which ones they like the best.

    • I miss her, Uncle Ron. We have many many fond memories of hanging out in her kitchen and gobbling up all the yummy goodies she so happily baked for us. I think it delighted her to bake them as much as it delighted us to eat them. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this memory with me. 🙂

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