November 19, 2017

Vanilla Body Butter

DIY Vanilla Body Butter |

I’ve had some extremely dry skin for a couple of months now.  I have resorted to a long list of natural oils, lotions, scrubs, and other remedies in an effort to assuage the flaky situation.

You might remember seeing the recipe for Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub, which was largely successful in aiding my poor arms and shoulders.  After using an entire jar of this delicious-smelling scrub, I decided I needed to make a body butter to go along with it.  So, of course, Vanilla Body Butter was born.

It smells AND looks pretty much like cake icing.

DIY Whipped Vanilla Body Butter |

So easy to make, and with no yucky chemicals, who wouldn’t love this stuff!?!  I know I would love to get this as a Christmas gift, which is why I’ll be making some for a few people this year.  (Shhh…don’t tell.)

DIY Whipped Vanilla Body Butter |


  1. I am SO GLAD you posted this. A few weeks ago I purchased some shea butter for my belly (preggo-ness going on here) – and thought it work well for my entire body, until I realized how bad straight shea butter smells. NASTY lol – so I havent used it. I have been meaning to google for a recipe and then today on my google reader, wah-lah you posted one 🙂 – so cool. Best part… I already have organic coconut oil and almond oil!! so Im good to go making this. Oh and home made vanilla extract too! 😉

    So thank you. Pinning.

  2. Kelly I. says:

    Where is the best place to find reasonable Shea butter?

  3. What is the shelf life on this?

  4. I made some last night! Really like it.
    Mine had a whipped cream type texture that would pretty much turn to oil the moment it touched my skin. Is that normal?
    I was expecting it to be a little a lotion-y body butter


    • I had the exact same thing happen to me. I was expecting it to be thicker but it was quite oily. Still nice though.

      • Make sure you let it cool for a while. If it is still too warm, it won’t get that “whipped” effect. 🙂 Also, beat at high speed if you can.

        • Hi Brandy–My husband and I had a blast making this last nite for gifts, it was the perfect ‘frosting-like’ texture, but when we looked at it this morning it had reverted into a liquid-y lotion-y texture. What can we do to the next batch so that it stays thick and stiff like frosting? Thanks! 🙂 cheers!

          • You probably didn’t let it cool quite long enough before whipping it. If it is cool-ish now, go ahead and beat it again at high speed til it reaches that whipped butter consistency again. 🙂

  5. What would you suggest as an alternative to coconut oil in this mix? I am allergic to coconut, unfortunately.

  6. Milca Gaucher says:

    Thank you! I love body creams but hate using chemicals. I will try to make this before January. {That’s realistic enough for me} and with four girls, I think this recipe will come in VERY handy in the years to come!! 🙂

  7. Hi there,
    This sounds amazing! What is the shelf life of the lotion? Would adding vitamin E help to preserve it?

    • up to six months…

      • Okay thank you for letting me know! I made some of your lotion and I love it! Smells wonderful!

      • Is there a way to extend the shelf life? What happens after six months? Does it become rancid? Thanks! 🙂

        • It shouldn’t become rancid, since the oils you are using would not before they were mixed. Make sense?

          • Yes… Kind of. I guess I’m just curious what happens if the lotion gets older than six months. Does it separate? Break down? Dry out? Just curious if you’ve had any experience! And thanks for sharing! I ordered some supplies, but will be making a bigger batch than I can use alone. I plan to share with friends/family… so if you’ve had any personal experience, I’d like to know.

  8. Wait so, you use vanilla extract, like what you use in baking?? just checking!

  9. Hi Brandy!
    I enjoy your blog and reading about your family and life so much! Thank you!
    My 4 year old son has really horribly scaly patches of exzema on his body and now it’s starting on his face and around his eyes. Have you ever experienced this with any of your boys? And if so what do you recommend? I have let him soak in coconut oil baths, and that seems to help, and cod liver oil he takes every day. Anything else, creams? Thanks for any suggestions!

  10. I just got done making 8 jars for Christmas presents. A bit or work getting it to the right texture did a little back and forth from the mixer to the freezer but I finally got it right. It looks just like your picture and my skin is now very soft from using all the “extra’s” from the spoons and beaters. Thanks, next I’m trying the brown sugar body scrub.

  11. With the butter and the oils, this just makes it the perrfect homemade body butter recipe for my dry skin too. Resembles whipped cream frosting, lol, may be good for an april fool’s joke too 😛

  12. Thanks for posting this. I made some for the girls in my family for Christmas and my sister-in-law totally loved it. I am making her some more!

  13. Is there another scent you could add? I’m not a huge vanilla fan? Would using an essential oil of some sort break down the lotion and make it watery? I’m thinking a lemony citrus scent would be lovely for summer!

  14. Hi I was wondering if the vanilla extract you use is the kind containing alcohol. If so wouldn’t this butter need a preservative?

    • The vanilla extract I use is homemade using vodka. I don’t think a preservative would be necessary since alcohol quite often serves as a preservative itself, and not to mention, this body butter shouldn’t stay around long enough to warrant using a preservative…. 🙂

  15. Is there a difference between almond oil and sweet almond oil? I noticed that for the vanilla scrub you used one and the other for the body butter. Can I use one kind for both recipes?

    • Hey Brenda…No, there’s no difference. I just left off the word “sweet” in the other recipe. Sorry. 🙂

  16. Hi! Just wondering-why melt the butter & oil on the stove? I made this tonight & just whipped it all up w/out the stove part. It whipped up beautifully. I used it & so far, I love it!

  17. Hi! Was wondering why you melted the oil & butter together? Mine were already soft so I just whipped them up & it turned out amazing…I think. I’m loving it. Just wondering if there is a something I’m missing by not doing the stove part.

    • OK, I made it according to the directions & it is more amazing! LOL The 1st (unmelted batch) was more airy, I guess, for lack of a better description. The 2nd batch was more white in color, like your pic & more whipped icing like. Probably great either way, but prettier & more smooth when following the directions.

  18. Genelle G. says:

    Do you think this recipe would work just as well with Jojoba oil instead of almond oil? I want to make this as Christmas gifts and one of the recipients has a severe nut allergy and can’t even be in the same room with a canister of nuts or she gets a severe skin reaction. Hoping to find an alternative oil to use so I can make this for her too.

  19. Hi Brandy, I would really like to try this and buy the shea butter from Mountain Rose, and I went on the site and the shipping on 4oz of shea butter is $8.95. That really frustrates me. I can’t see paying those fees when I know it does not cost that much to send a 4oz package and the shipping is more than my item. Do you recommend another source for shea butter? And can I use jojoba oil in place of the almond oil?

  20. Holy creaminess!! I used apricot oil instead of almond (cheaper) and I am in love! Thanks for a great recipe!!!

  21. Hi Brandy, my husband suffers from rosacea on his face. Do you know of an effective homemade cream I could make for him to try?

  22. I made a similar recipe today. I cannon stand the smell of the shea butter. I used equal parts of coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter and almond oil. Thankfully the cocoa butter hides some of the smell of the shea. I didn’t get it the same place that you did, does yours have a strong odor?


    • No, mine has a mild, pleasant smell. 🙂

    • I have read thatother people said that if you leave the shea butter open to air for a couple days, the scent will “mellow,” but I can’t speak from personal experience, and I didn’t know what other effects it may have. I personally wondered if that would dry it out? But I don’t really have any idea.

  23. Oops! I used cocoa butter instead of shea. I think it’s lovely and it smelled like cookie dough. Def was not very creamy, but it melts nicely in my hands.

  24. I love this recipe except for one part…It smell like the butter, not the vanilla. Tried it with several different essential oils and it still smells like the butter to me. Is this normal? I used a very good therapeutic grade shea butter.

    • Hey Sheri, I don’t think you can make the vanilla much stronger without adding a bit more vanilla extract, which I probably wouldn’t want to do since I make my own extract using vodka. What are your thoughts on that?

  25. Brandy, thank you for your quick response.So it is normal for the lotion to smell more like butter than the essential oil or vanilla extract? I certainly can increase the extract and see if it helps.

  26. Ahh, okay…thanks!

  27. L.Belcher says:

    OMG…I made a batch I used shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, & vanilla extract & the mixture smells like a yummie spice cake. Seriously I smell delectable. I love this stuff & it whipped up very nice. I did use a little more vanilla extract because after reading all of the comments I wanted to make sure that the mixture smelled more sweet & less like shea butter. Thank you bunches.

    • You reminded me that I’ve been needing to whip up a batch! Love this stuff! Thanks for your tip! 🙂

  28. Chris Brown says:

    Could you add sugar and make it into a scrub? ?

  29. Brittany Grim says:

    I have never used a body butter, but it’s it supposed to be really oily? It looks great just like your pic. I just wanted to make sure it’s supposed to be really oily or if I did something wrong. Thanks!

  30. Did you use clear vanilla for this recipe? I used regular dark vanilla and it turned out brown, not white like yours. Could you leave the vanilla out of this recipe and just use essential oils, or would you have to add 2 Tablespoons more of coconut or almond oil to make up for it? Thanks!

    • No, I use my own homemade vanilla extract and it is very dark brown. You could leave the vanilla extract out if you want to. Stress Away has a vanilla-lime scent (in my opinion), so that might be a good option. But others might include Peppermint or Lavender, or even Joy. 🙂 I don’t think you’d need any extra coconut oil. 🙂

  31. I love the whipped texture of this lotion but I hate the feeling it leaves. It’s much too greasy for me and stays on the palms of my hands a long time. It was hard to achieve the whipped texture, I had to refreeze and melt several times to get the right consistency. I would not give this to anyone either because of the too heavy greased up feeling it leaves. Overall this is just not for me 🙁

  32. Hi. I have made a few of these butters and the consistency is lovely but I can’t get the smell to stay around enough unless it’s peppermint. Do you have any suggestions? Is vanilla extract better than vanilla oil? Thank you!

    • Brandy Ferguson says:

      That’s a great question!! Makes me want to make several scents! Let me know if you find one that is lovely!

  33. cynthia Tuschel says:

    Does this has to stay in the fridge

  34. Hi Brandy,
    I made this tonight and i was wondering why my butter turned brown. I looked at the label and it says vanilla OIL. OMG! I cant believe I grabbed and pour the wrong bottle. Is this butter i made still okay or i ruined the whole thing? Is vanilla oil brown and doesnt smell like vanilla? So disappointed at myself right now!
    Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  35. This is a really great recipe, but for those who do not like the heavy oily feel on their skin, you could try using 1/4 cup of Shea Butter and 1/4 cup of Mango Butter, instead of the whole 1/2 cup of Shea Butter. You can also split your Sweet Almond Oil and mix it with a lighter oil. Or use Apricot Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, or Rice Bran Oil, in place of the Sweet Almond Oil. Anyway, these are only a few suggestions.

  36. Shawna Alldridge says:

    I made this but instead of melting and waiting for it to cool it whips up perfectly straight out of its containers. Very nice velvety texture.

  37. i have been wanting to make body butter forever. I do love the store bought kind. I am hesitant b/c people are saying it is very oily/greasy. Store bought isn’t greasy. I have been reading a ton of recipes and noted one using cornstarch to take away some of the greasiness . Did anyone try that
    Like to hear

  38. Just made this and added 20-25 drops wild orange essential oil. It smells like a Creamsicle. Love it!


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