November 22, 2017

Turkey Drop Challenge

Take the Turkey Drop Challenge - Lose ten pounds by Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, yall!  And what better time than now to shed those few extra pounds!?!

Did you know that the average turkey weighs 10 to 16 pounds?  I didn’t.  But I do know that my husband just lost 15 pounds on his 24 Day Challenge!  And since then, he’s lost five more for a total of 20!  He’s in better shape than he’s been in years, which was enough to motivate me to try it myself!  And guess what!?! It works!

Why The 24 Day Challenge Works

A few cool things about the 24 Day Challenge that I think make it easy to accomplish weight loss goals:

  • It’s quick!  24 days, and not only do you shed several pounds quickly, you’re set up to lose even more (if you need to, of course!)
  • The healthy habits tend to stick!  Once you’ve put in the time exercising, cleansing, and making better food choices, you tend to want to hang onto those healthy habits as they prove to be good to ya!
  • You’ve got a support group right here!  Having completed the challenge ourselves, my husband and I are always happy to help answer questions and help you find ways to make your challenge a success!
  • There’s no guess-work!  AdvoCare has bundled the package ahead of time for you.  All you do is customize your shake and your vitamins to your preference, and BAM! you’re done!
  • Easy to order!  Delivered right to your door (or in some instances, you can pick up), it doesn’t get any easier than this!!

So, are you ready?  If you can’t start tomorrow, don’t worry!  Jump in any time!  If you’re ready to lose 10 pounds or so, don’t wait another day!

Who’s in?  Click here to get started on the road to a trimmer, healthier you!


  1. would love to lose a few pounds……are these supplements safe while breastfeeding though? I am currently nursing a 5 month old.

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