November 17, 2017

Turkey Chili

I love fall food!  And I love big pots of food that simmer on the stove for a long time, sending tantalizing aromas up the stairs and around the house that woo my boys into the kitchen with me.

It’s that time of year again.  Bowls of hearty, warm, yummy comfort food, here we come!

We love chili.  I make a beef chili, too, but had some turkey in the freezer and thought I would give it a try.

Not surprisingly, I love this recipe even more because it is way leaner, less greasy, and the texture of the turkey in the chili is just so smooth.

This recipe has got a bit of a kick, so remember that when you’re feeding your little ones.  We loaded our bowls with tortilla chips, chili and cheddar cheese for this night, which cut the heat some.  You could add a bit of sour cream to the top of yours, if you like.

I have some of this left over from last night (can you believe it?) and it’s beckoning me from the fridge.  I will wait til lunch time.



  1. This looks yummy and I can’t wait to try it, thanks for sharing!!
    I’m enjoying your blog so much!

  2. Michelle Ginther says:

    I have to ask…do your boys complain about chunks of tomatoes & onions too? I love the chunks of tomatoes & onions, but should just puree them or use the onion powder since boys won’t eat them grrrr They will eat fast food chili because it doesn’t have the onion & tomato chunks, but would show me gagging motions if I put a bowl of chunky chili in front of them haha

    • I only have one really really picky eater. And yes….He says they’re disgusting, picks them out AND complains. Sometimes it is better to just use the powder or puree them. It just depends on my mood, personally. He also won’t eat the beans I put into the pot of chili, so I take his chili out a bit ahead of time.

  3. Do you know how many servings this is? also is it for a half cup or 1 cup? Thank you!! It looks amazing!!!

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