November 18, 2017

True Beauty Series: Be Still {and a Giveaway!}

Between soccer and football, and school this and church that, life is busy.

Babies require round the clock care.  Teens test our patience.  And with children of other ages in between, who has a moment to spare?

Many moms, myself included, have fallen for the idea that if we go to church on Sunday and even participate in group Bible studies that we’re spending enough time with God.

But are we?

Are we truly silencing ourselves before the Lord, sitting at His feet, quieted…and listening?

Are we sharing our hearts with Him, pursuing Him, like Mary did?

Or are we too busy with the stuff of life, like Martha, to have time to slow down?  To sit down.  To be still.


I’m excited about the True Beauty Series by Lisa Chan.  Be Still is the first video in the series, and it talks about being still before the Lord.  Lisa asks challenging questions.  Do I have a gentle and quiet spirit?  Am I more caught up with the things of this world than I am in Him?  How would I behave if Jesus Himself were to walk into my living room today?  Sure, I’d sit down with Him, and listen to Him, and you’d better believe I’d pour out my heart to Him and search His heart for answers.  I would ask Him to stay and help me.

Wouldn’t you?

Jesus is here and available right now.  Right here.

So why would any one of us pass up the opportunity to be still with Him?

If you spent one hour with Him like that in your living room, would you ever be the same?

If you spent time with Him like that every single day, would your life change?

Thanks to Lisa Chan for this excellent reminder!


True Beauty Films is giving away one copy to one reader!

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  1. I just win a copy of this video on another blog. I am so excited!

  2. I would love to win a copy!!

  3. I do find it hard. I have a 3 year old and 2 year old, and one due in November. I try to get up early and have my devotion time, but many days the kids wake up before me or in the middle of it. I try to keep on going in the middle of the morning chaos, but it usually gets cut short.

  4. I spend time in God’s word everyday… but spending an hour every day… now that would be awesome!

  5. Thank you Brandy for this post. Oh, it is so true. It does not seem to matter which stage of life we are in, I believe this is a constant struggle for women. Thank you, Thank you for directing our minds to what is really important. I am certainly a “Martha” type and, although that convicts my heart, I find it very difficult to break free from it. Like you, I have a tribe of boys (7), and one little 4-year old daughter who love to help, but is not yet big enough to take much of my load. It takes MUCH WORK to keep a home full of boys – and a husband – fed and cared for. Yet, I am reminded that God’s wisdom far exceeds any that I may think I have, and my best efforts are times spent at His feet, not necessarily in the kitchen. God help us have the grace to trust Him!

  6. This is hard for me as a mom of 2 littles under 2…would love to win this!

  7. Thank you for posting this. I struggle so much with making time to be still in His presence.

  8. Thank you for this! I need to remember to take time out of the day to be still.

  9. Yes I have a very hard time being still and focusing

  10. I could use this – yes my life is pretty noisy – not quiet with the Lorg

  11. Wonderful.

  12. Great!

  13. This looks wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. Shelly Smith says:

    I struggle to make time for God every day! I allow other “pressures” to creep into my time and steal this quiet time with God! Would love to win this giveaway, thanks!!

  15. I find it very hard to spend time with the Lord, particularly if I get out of my normal routine. I try hard to spend time with him after lunch while my daughter naps, but inevitably something gets in the way.

  16. I find it incredibly hard to make time for God and be still. I’m often distracted by the things that are happening around me like laundry, children, a book, blog, schoolwork, etc. I’m trying to find more time for myself and that time would allow for me to have more time for God, but finding time for yourself with busy little ones isn’t always easy. Would love to win this giveaway!

  17. Yes, I definitely struggle with quiet alone time with God. And usually when I sit down to do it, I get caught up in talking and not really listening. =/

  18. I do. And I think 1/2 of my problem is just plain laziness and 1/2 is rebellion. I want to do it, but something else seems to take more of a priority. As much as I want to have a quiet time – I don’t make it a bigger priority.

  19. So convicting!!

  20. Kelly Clarke says:

    Wow just those little videos were a blessing! I can’t wait to hear more!

  21. I do find it hard to find time to be with God It is hard to stop and be still before God. I think it is easier to be still (and look for reminders of God’s presence, listen to his voice) when I’m out in nature with my kids – I don’t have the reminders around me of everything I should be doing…but maybe being still in a house full of things to do is a greater sacrifice? I don’t know.

  22. I struggle with this daily. And this is the 3rd time in one week that Martha and Mary have been brought to my attention. 🙁

  23. I would so love this! We have four kids under 8 and being still is extremely hard. And no, I don’t feel like even between church and two bible studies that it is enough. Don’t we all feel like we are sort of rushing thru life most of the time? Thanks for the opportunity to win! I really appreciate your blog!

  24. I would love to win this. Thank you for the chance.

  25. At times I do find it difficult to have alone time with God…it means getting up before anyone else. 3 boys, 3 & under makes for a tired mama! My mind usually runs when I am quiet and still….makes it hard to listen. 🙁

  26. Long-time and very well practiced Martha. 🙁 I could really use this.

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