December 15, 2017

Baked Tilapia

Want an easy, healthy AND quick meal for your family?  Tired of the same ol’ meals?

Then try this!  Tilapia is light and fluffy and mild.  And it’s so easy to remove from the freezer the night before and marinate over night.  Or, if you don’t remember in time, just let the fish marinate while you’re prepping salad and other foods for dinner.

I’ve experimented and this is by far our family’s favorite marinade recipe.  This is for 8 fillets, so feel free to reduce the marinade by half (or whatever other fraction you might need).

I like to serve our fish with brown rice or quinoa and vegetables.


  1. Hi Brandy – do you marinate the fish frozen? Just wondering…

    • I take it out of the freezer, then marinate…so yes, for a little while it’s frozen, I suppose. But it thaws very quickly. 😉

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