November 18, 2017

Thoughts this Thursday…

Here’s the run-down of current events over here at the school of boys….or….my three ring circus….or….our house.

  • Levi sometimes forgets ENTIRELY that WE are potty training him. 
  • My sweet tea was spilled in the schoolroom floor this morning.
  • I love my sweet tea.
  • I love the boy who spilled it.
  • Drew likes to do approximately 57 pages worth of “schoolwork” every day. 
  • I can hang with 57 pages, as long as I have sweet tea.
  • It’s hard to do 57 pages with spilled sweet tea and Levi peeing in his Dad’s office floor.
  • I’m glad Dax’s office already has a certain “pet” smell from the previous owners’ animal.
  • A family dog is NOT in our near future.
  • I clean up enough human pee and poop.
  • It’s been almost two weeks to the day since we went grocery shopping.
  • We ate chicken nuggets, yogurt, and veggie springrolls for lunch today.
  • I am out of oil, dishsoap, and clean underwear for Levi.
  • Which makes me second guess my plan on purchasing the ingredients to make my all-natural laundry detergent.
  • Which makes me remember that there is a “special” odor coming from the washer, but only sometimes, which confuses me.
  • It’s time to clean the washer again.
  • And the fridge.  It will definitely need cleaning out before our massive grocery trip.
  • I love menu planning and grocery shopping.
  • I need to make my menu and grocery list.
  • Underwear for Levi.  Put it on the list!
  • And sweet tea.  Please do not forget the sweet tea.




  1. I met your husband today as he was assessing the hail damage to my home and he noted that I had a house full of kids–different faces kept popping outside to assist. When he asked me how many, I said “Want to guess?” And he smiles and says “Probably not as many as I do” with a happy face. And I guess “Five” Because I have five and of course, he says “Seven” I had to say, “You win!” 🙂

    I just wanted to let you know, I am enjoying what I’m reading and think it’s a great way to share what you are going through and it’s inspiring too! 🙂

    Have a wonderful evening!


    • Hi Angie! Dax told me about your great family!!! Thanks for reading and hope to talk with you more soon! Have a blessed day!

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