November 18, 2017

The Unchangeable I AM: Resolve for 2014

By contributing writer, Angela Clark Logan

Earlier this month there was a bit of a buzz about a billboard in Times Square that asks the question, “Who needs Christ at Christmas?”  Sponsored by the American Atheists organization, the ad touts, “Nobody.”

Of course that struck a nerve in many Bible-believing Christians across the nation.  “They’re stripping Christ from Christmas!” we cried.

It’s almost as if we somehow fear that one group’s very public declaration can change the truth of Christ’s existence. 

My husband likes to watch TV programs once in a while in which people try to disprove the Bible or find inconsistencies in Christianity.  (Not because he thinks they’re right, mind you.  I think he just likes to be aware of what theories, etc., exist in secular thinking.)  I positively detest those kind of shows.  They make me angry and anxious.

Almost as if I’m afraid they’ll make a convincing case for their theory.

As if the TRUTH of God isn’t TRUE ENOUGH to stand up to their arguments.

In two days we will rush headlong into a new year.  Tradition says we are to make “resolutions” for our new year, goals that we want to reach in the next 365 days.  Usually we promise ourselves things like, “I’m going to get in shape,” or “I’m going to get my house organized.”

This year, let’s consider making this one of our resolutions: I will anchor myself in the TRUTH of God’s existence and power.


You see, there is nothing that any person or organization can say that will change the Truth of who God is.  Despite their bold claims, their aggressive affront on Christianity, no atheistic belief will change the fact that our God IS who He claims to be.  God is God, and His reality in no way depends on the belief of any human.

When God addressed Moses from the burning bush and gave him instructions to bring the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses asked God, “when they ask me who you are, what should I tell them?”  God’s answer: “Tell them I AM has sent you.” (Exodus 2:14)

“I AM.”

Not “I AM as long as they believe I am.”

Simply “I AM.”

With that name comes the promise that “I AM” is not a God who is weak or subject to man in any way.  He cannot be argued out of existence, His power is not weakened by humanity’s lack of faith.  He is and always will be GOD.

No billboard or magazine article or television show will ever change that.  No atheistic or anti-Christian argument can ever alter the fact that God is “I AM.”

When we anchor ourselves in the truth of “I AM,” we don’t have to get angry any more when people oppose our belief.  We don’t have to be afraid that they’re going to somehow undermine the truth of God’s existence.

What we should do is pray for these people who have been deceived into thinking that God is a farce.  We need to pray that the Enemy’s lies are exposed, that hearts and minds are changed.  We need to put on our battle armor (Ephesians 6) and storm the gates of hell, and not live as though we believe our God is too weak to stand up to false testimony.

The new year is just two days away.  Let’s not just step into it or ease into it; let’s anchor ourselves to the rock of the Great I AM and march boldly forward in His Truth.  Let’s resolve to make 2014 the year when the world sees through us this truth: “Who needs Christ?  EVERYONE.”

How will you resolve to live more boldly for Christ in 2014?

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  1. Great word! Truth is truth. My new year scripture goes right along these lines … Hebrews 11:11b “… because she judged Him faithful who had promised.” Not because He blesses us, although He does. Not because He reveals Himself, but He does that too, on occasion. That type of faith is circumstantial only, based on experience, not truth. God is God, that is why we can trust in the simplicity of our faith! He is the I AM!

    • Yes! Faith based on circumstances is bound to fail. Faith based on the unchanging Truth of our magnificent God anchors us through all of those changing circumstances. Thanks for reading and commenting! ~Angela

      • Oh how wonderful this discussion is! I am reminded of the time, not too long ago, when I asked and pleaded with the Lord for my physical healing, and it would not come. I begged God to undo the sickness, to set me free from ugly infection, but it persisted. It was in those painful hours and days of restless sleep and weary aching that I came to realize this Truth. He IS. Period. This is where it really sank in for me that He is God and He is Sovereign and He reigns now and then, in the ugly and in the good, and if He grants your request or if He doesn’t. Glory to God. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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