November 20, 2017

The Trouble with Disobedience



Ugh!!!  My three year old comes charging down the stairs with two small toy baskets in hand.  He knows he’s not supposed to, but I remind him, “no, take  the toys back upstairs!  You’re not allowed to bring them downstairs!  That’s the rule.”  (My rule is not the point here, but an illustration of why obedience is necessary in order to live our lives in freedom.) 

So the fight begins.  He didn’t completely disobey me. Dax took the toys half way back up the stairs and he and his younger co-conspirator started to play.  Soon I hear the sound of toys being thrown down the stairs.  I pick them up, toss them back onto the stairs, and repeat the rule.  “Take the toys upstairs!”  Only now it is more complicated, because the baskets are now strewn all over and there is much work to be done to afford the obedience required of them.  In fact, the situation is much more difficult at this point, because the little toys are scattered all over the place, up and down the stairs.  My chores came to a screeching halt as I now had to sit and discipline them for their non-compliance.  Frustrated, the battle goes on and I begin to wonder……. 

Does God ever get so sick of our disobedience?  Does He ever think to Himself, “if she’d just done what I’d told her in the first place, she wouldn’t be getting all these swats.”  OR  “This didn’t have to be this complicated…….my rule was so simple and would have prevented all her pain, frustration and waste of time…..” 

So do you ever think that maybe God gave us the jobs of disciplining our children and teaching them to obey so that we too, can become more obedient?  I hate to think that I have caused my heavenly Father such grief.  Certainly I have, and not just for throwing my toys.  Let’s take these daily lessons from our children and learn the real lesson ourselves here: 

John 14: 21 “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.” 

Obedience brings blessing and disobedience  – well, just the opposite. 

God, help me today, to choose to obey. 

(written January 18, 2008)

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