November 20, 2017

The Ironies of Motherhood

August 12, 2008 

(another oldie I dug up…)

I am often intrigued by the ironies of motherhood like:

why your baby sleeps fitfully all night long, only to crash hard as soon as it’s time for you to get up

how your toddler ONLY pees in his bed the same day you change his sheets

when you’re really tired and needing a good night’s sleep, which just so happens to be the same night that three of your children wake up to get in bed with you

the way no one ever shows up unexpected when the house is clean, but three different people show up when it looks like Sanford and Son

how it can go from calm and peaceful to eardrum shattering in a matter of seconds

how the doorbell and phone always ring at the same time that you’re wiping your baby’s bottom in the middle of a diaper change

the way we always see someone we know at the grocery store on the day we decided we could just skip hair and makeup

shall we go on?

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