November 20, 2017

The Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit

I’m so excited that I am getting to go to the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit this year!

You may have heard me talk about my friend Connie from Smockity Frocks a time or two.  When she mentioned the conference, and where it was being held this year, I knew I had to go.

The Winter Summit desires to instill within the often weary and embattled homeschool mom the encouragement and empowerment she so desperately needs to finish her race well, to the glory of God.

The Summit plans to include:

  •  inspiring speakers
  •  heartfelt praise
  •  meaningful fellowship
  •  practical workshops
  •  joy-filled laughter
  •  all designed to lift up, strengthen and support the homeschool mother.

We get together with hundreds of moms who are passionate about relationships and encouraging one another.

Veteran homeschool mothers will encourage us with some much needed wisdom from having “been there and done that.”

Whether you are a new homeschool mom, a seasoned veteran, or a friend, it is our desire to minister to you with the truth of God’s Word and the “wisdom of those that have gone before”.

We encourage you to invite your friends, bring a new mom or even come on your own.

Our goal is to “RENEW your vision, REFRESH your heart & RESTORE your strength.”

I have the privilege of giving away a ticket right here!  To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this blogpost.

If you choose to tweet about the summit (using #homeschoolmomswintersummit) or talk about it on your Facebook page, please leave a comment saying you did, and that will be counted as an extra entry each time you do.  Also, if you are a blogger and write a blogpost about the summit, then you get an extra entry for that, too!

And be sure and stop by these other blogs for more chances to win!



 So, who wants to go? I’d love to meet you there!


  1. I would love to go, but I am more excited that Mrs Connie Smockity introduced me to new blogs. 😀 I only have 4 sons (and seven daughters) but I think I will enjoy reading your blog posts!

  2. Love to go

  3. Jamie Kelly says:

    Would love to go and learn more…

  4. I would love to go!

  5. I just pulled my kids from public school…today is our FIRST day! I would looooove to go!

  6. Tara Henery says:

    Sounds amazing. We have nothing like this way out here in Washington. Would love to join you. I have four boys and love reading your blog. I think I too would have eight boys if my husband would go for it.

  7. I want to go! I’m new to the homeschool world, hardly know what I’m doing, so the workshops would be fun. I have 4 boys 5-6months. My 4 and 5 year old are at the kindergarten level and some inspiring ideas and refreshing time away would be just what my soul needs. Plus, I’d love to meet you Brandy. My 4 are crazy…cannot even fathom 8! 🙂 We are learning life lessons in a two bedroom apartment, which is a big part of the crazy at our house. Does it help to have room and space? Everything’s bigger in Texas right?

  8. Looks like a great opportunity. I would love to go!

  9. This sounds good. I’ll have to check into it. Thanks.

  10. I live in OK and went to school in Norman. I would love the blessing of attending the Summit and meeting other homeschool moms!

  11. I would love a little retreat 🙂

  12. Shared on Facebook.
    My comment above has the email address typed in wrong.
    This is the correct one.

  13. Kelli Walter says:

    Love time of encouragement with like minded moms.

  14. Wow! I’d love to go! If I win, maybe I can ride with my friend Lisa, from the Pennington Point! 🙂 And then I can finally meet YOU and Connie! 🙂

  15. I wish it was closer to me! This sounds wonderful. Maybe a future year. I’d never heard of this, thank you for posting about it so I can look into it in the future. We just started homeschooling this year so are still pretty new to everything.

  16. Would love to win a getaway! Sounds amazing!!!

  17. I would love to go!! Never heard of this in 10 years of homeschooling.. And it’s so close, ( about a 5 hour drive) that would be great. Talking to my husband tonight! 🙂

  18. I would love to go. I started homeschooling this year and will have two in school next year. Thanks!

  19. Would love to attend!!

  20. Christy Callaway says:

    I live about 20 minutes from there! I would love to go! God opened my heart to homeschooling a couple of years ago and although I love it I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing! My oldest two were in 9th and 6th grade with we started so I really feel lost with them being older. I have three younger ones as well. I am so worried about not giving my son what he needs for these last two years before college. I need someone to help me figure out if I’m doing this right! I have a few friends that homeschool but their children are all young. I also would love to know how people do this with new babies! It’s been quite the struggle since the baby was born!

  21. Jennifer Young says:

    I would love to go. I actually live in Norman & love
    Embassy Suites Hotel too. I need encouragement and training still. This is our 3rd year to homeschool. We have 3 kids—ages 6, 11, and 17. Many days I feel like I am not equipped to do this! Two of my kids have special needs too. The oldest is almost 18 and I am lost in this journey of preparing him for adulthood! Without the Lord, my husband, and mother I don’t know how I would make it. 🙂

  22. Hoping to be able to attend this conf, I am in need of a refresher!!

  23. Christine Poteet says:

    I would love to go to this! I have 7 kids ages 16-3 and would LOVE some encouragement! I also tweeted this AND shared on FB!

  24. Mandy Gehman says:

    Sounds great! Thanks for the give-away.

  25. I am in need of some refreshment and would love to go to the conference.

  26. Sounds like just what this mama needs!

  27. I shared on my Facebook page as well. 🙂

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