November 24, 2017

Thankful Thursday: What Matters Most

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;  His love endures forever.  Psalm 107:1

It’s 12:01 AM, Friday now.  I missed it.  Another day with more things on the list than time on my hands.

It’s the recurring theme these days, actually.  I can’t seem to get it all done.  And I don’t want to be a whiney-baby about it.  I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing lately.  I’ve shared lately that it’s been a struggle.  My house quiet now, with the aroma of chocolate pumpkin cake wafting into my living room, where I sit wrapped in a blanket, I can think.  I can hear my heart’s cry.

For weeks, I’ve been quiet here.  I’ve had things to say, but struggled with finding the time to write them.  Babies have needed me to nurse them, or pour them a drink, or change their diaper.  They’ve needed naps, and ON ME!  Little boys have needed to be read to.  They’ve needed help making a pumpkin out of construction paper and pipe cleaners, help with drawing their pumpkin, carving their pumpkin, and putting the pumpkin seeds into the oven.  Bigger boys have needed help with math, needed new hoodies, new, wheat-free foods, and help with hyperbole and onomatopoeias.  Did I mention they all still like to eat meals and that (some of them) like to wear clothes?  Oh, and please do not forget about Chaos Hour, okay?  Chaos Hour always makes me feel SUPER sorry for myself.

If you’re getting mixed feelings for where this post is going, you should be.  Because the message is the same you’ve heard here before:   Motherhood is hard.  But it’s the most important job in the world.

It seems to be something I lose perspective on quite quickly.  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating.  Perspective is key.  Perspective changes everything!  And why?  Because it shapes your focus.  And when I’m feeling sorry for myself because I don’t sleep through the night, and like I can’t get anything else done for nursing, cooking, cleaning, and schoolwork, then….it’s suddenly all. about. me.

Do you see how fast you realized that was backward?

I have SO very much to share here.  There are days I doubt whether I should be trying to blog because I’ve been so blessed with so many wonderful people to take care of, and I am so thankful for them.  And I do believe that God has carved out this tiny little niche in the blogosphere for me to share my heart BUT, all in His timing.

Speaking of timely, I have seen a few blogs lately posting much of the same sentiments of my own heart – to be a good wife and mom first, and THEN other things including blogging as they fit into God’s plan. For right now, I choose to reset my perspective (again), to realize with full responsibility the enormity of shaping the lives that I’ve been entrusted with.

…it’s important to know that this shaping of lives only happens in the context of the physical layer. People become who they are, not at a yearly conference or at designated moments of spiritual focus, but in the common days, conforming to the influence most surrounding them. It is what happens in the ebb and flow of daily living that matters. Mothers, when you are going about your physical work, you are also shaping people. Don’t forget it.

~Generation Cedar

Are you a mom, struggling with keeping it all in perspective, like I do sometimes?  What if we saw every small task that we perform throughout our day as an act of love?  What if we changed our perspective to that of “doing as unto the Lord”?  Isn’t THAT what matters most?

In the life of a mother, this translates to every diaper we do not want to change, every dish we wish we didn’t have to wash, every occasion to discipline with a loving smile and tender (but strict and consistent) mercy rather than the “Mommy is mad” voice that has been know to come out of my mouth. We must do them all with joy and abandonment to him, believing in the reality that we can love God by loving others even in such small, insignificant, and even rather dirty and stinky ways.

~Kitchen Stewardship

I should sleep, because I am a better mom if I do, but I wanted to share this on Thankful Thursday, and something every week, at least for the month of November.

Today, I am thankful for what matters most.  In spite of all the “stuff” of life, I am blessed beyond measure and it is a privilege to get to raise these boys into men….and FOR Him.

 What are YOU thankful for?




  1. My thoughts exactly. The internet will still be here long after these squooshable cheeks are gone.

  2. Linda St. Laurent says:

    I appreciate your post this morning. My son, Matthew has a very rare hip disease, and has had several surgeries. He is a patient at Shriners Orthopedic Hospital in Houston. In August he began to not be able to walk again.Through several dr. visits, the disease is so rare, they are not sure what is wrong. Last thursday they admitted him into Shriners, and we spent 6 days there. Just got to come home. He is in chronic pain, he cries 24 hours a day. We had a procedure done on Monday to hopefully take care of the pain, and it did not work. There are so many emotions I feel. I cannot help him with the pain, to hear your child cry ALL.DAY.LONG. is awful. To see his childhood ripped away from him is awful. The emotions that come with this are so mixed, and crazy. The care he needs is sometimes more then I can give. I am tired, overwhelmed, and downright sad. He is due to have a surgery in Feb. we are Praying that God will move that surgery up. It is very complicated, and only God can do it. He needs it so bad. Theres no guarantee that it will work, but it will show what the problem is. I am not sure why I have to hear my son cry all day and night, but I do. I realized yesterday, that it really isn’t about me. I know, these things, but sometimes you need reminders. Thanks for the reminder. I will reread it today, as I care for my precious Matthew.

    • Beth in Illinois says:

      I can’t imagine what you are going through. When I was reading your comment I just kept thinking of how incredibly strong you are and just wanted to let you know that. I also wanted to tell you I will be praying for you.

  3. Linda St. Laurent says:

    I also meant to share that he doesn’t walk. He cannot stand up, his physical care is extremely stressful. It is very draining, I wish so very much, that I could just put him to the breast and fix it. Oh, how I long for those days. Blessings.

  4. Beautiful post. I have been reading ‘In His Steps’ by Charles Sheldon, and the big question is What would Jesus do? I have been trying to translate this to my own life as a SAHM, since I am not out in the workforce, interacting daily with people I don’t really know, but with my children whom I love with all my heart! How would Jesus want me to act towards my family – not with complaining and grumbling about all the work I do, but to be thankful for all the little people’s souls I have been entrusted with! Thank you again for sharing what is on your heart. 🙂

  5. Beth in Illinois says:

    Thank you for writing this. This was exactly what I needed to hear. I very quickly lose perspective and can forget what a blessing my children are and what the big picture is. It is so easy to get mired down in the day to day tasks of life. I have been struggling lately and know my children definitely are not getting the best of me. I know I can do better. Thank you.

  6. thank you 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing. I still love reading your blog when I get a chance. Praying for you all. I can empathize with not sleeping through the night. Eliana is still getting up once or twice a night and she will be 11 months in a couple days. All my other kids were sleeping well long before now.
    We miss you guys! Thanks again for sharing so honestly the joys and challenges of mothering/teaching a houseful. Big hugs to you!

  8. Thank you for sharing your heart Brandy! I feel the same way… where’s my perspective? Dealing with some health issues is really challenging my daily tasks. I need to focus on what God has blessed me with and keep serving Him by serving my family.
    Big Hug!

  9. Olivia Ruan says:

    I really love this post! It is so encouraging, your whole blog is. As a mom it has to be a daily reminder of Him and to take our eyes off ourselves. We have been entrusted with the lives of such precious children and quickly I can forget that I am the mom, not just the babysitter. The Lord is teaching me many things about Himself and where my own heart tends to go when stressed.

  10. I really needed to hear these words today. Have you heard of the Mom Heart conference with the Clarksons? Their ministry to moms and families is awesome and I’m looking forward to my first conference in Dallas in February. There’s nothing like godly encouragement for weary moms. And I appreciate yours! Praying for you tonight, sister.

  11. LOVE THIS!! This has been the cry of my heart for weeks too!! LOVE!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  12. You have a beautiful family. I’m a grandma now and past those very busy days… two year old grandson and my daughter live with us, so I have a little bit of the baby time, but not the same as when my children were little. It is such a very hard time… I admire you moms that are working so hard to instill God’s Word into your childrens’ hearts and lives….it will bear fruit. I know that everyone says these days go by so quickly, but sometimes when you are wiping noses, changes diapers, breaking up fights, stepping on Legos in the middle of the night, the time doesn’t seem to be flying by. But I promise you that when you are my age and you look back, you will be astonished that you are the grandma now and you have different responsibilities. I’ve been drawn to these blogs of young moms because my young mom days were painful ones for me, for lots of reasons. God has given me 2nd chances with my grandchildren and I’m so grateful to Him and I pray that as I minister to them that my children will come to Him. I pray for you young moms… all have different challenges, but they are big challenges indeed. God bless you and your beautiful families.

    • Jane, these are the comments that help me remember…yeah…this season is fleeting. And it’s worth it. Thank you for your encouraging words. Young mothers need to be reminded of this. Our oldest is 15 now. Learning to drive. Next year, he will literally begin to “drive away” from me. My heart can hardly bare it. He was a boy not long enough…. I now try to savor more than ever that my toddlers follow me around the house, asking to sit in my lap, asking for me to read to them. Oh… heart. They grow up so fast.

  13. Jenny in the Mitten says:

    This was a good read today. We (my husband and I) don’t have any children yet, but I work in our local public school (about 500 students K-12), and sometimes I have a very hard time to love them. But I need to remember that some of my students the only words of encouragement or kindness they hear may come from me at school. I get the blessing to see 90% of our students being the food service director and in the cafeteria daily. So many days I don’t want to see them anymore and this is no longer a service of ministry to the students and rest of faculty but becomes a chore and a job. Moral is, they may not be mine but I can show them a respectful attitude and loving compassion if I keep my heart open to them. Showing them God’s teachings and mercy without speaking of it, and slowly seeing the change. Reminds me that this is what God does with us.

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