November 18, 2017

Thankful Thursday: The Good Stuff

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;  His love endures forever.  Psalm 107:1


I have so much to be thankful for ALL the time.  Most of us do have much more to be thankful for than we think if we’ll just stop and count our blessings.

Even in the midst of chaos and calamity, many of us, if we just step back and look, can see the blessings.

For instance…

  • Our van has an electrical problem, which requires a new part which is STILL not in….but, we are able to plug our headlight fuse back in if we need to drive at night.
  • Landen fell and hit his head (hard) three times last week….but, he was fine every time.
  • My pantry is disorganized and overfilled….but, my pantry is overfilled.
  • I’m still not sleeping through the night….but, Lincoln has started to wake less and is taking regular naps during the day.
  • I was sad to let go of a couple of writing commitments….but, I feel I can better manage my time to put into this blog.
  • The boys may all be yelling for me at the same time….but, I love how some of them have taken to calling me Mamasita.  🙂
  • I don’t always feel like I read to the boys enough….but, Hayden enjoys reading to Landen, and Drew has created a habit of reading (after our family Bible time each night) his own Bible in bed.  I’m humbled and proud of him.
  • I don’t seem to have enough washers and dryers to keep the laundry done….but, everyone has clean sheets to sleep on and clean clothes on their bodies every single day.

God is good.  I’m so thankful for His grace.

I’m so thankful for the good stuff.  Maybe it’s all good stuff, anyway.

What are YOU thankful for this week?

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  1. I love that they are calling you Mamasita. How cute.

    There always seems to be good in bad. Somewhere. If we look for it.

    I’m sorry you had to let go of some writing commitments. I know how hard that is. I will tell you that since I let go of one earlier this year,life has been easier 🙂

  2. Good thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

  3. God is good, isn’t He! It is hard to let go of commitments, but sometimes we just need to pare down and focus. Eh, Mamasita?

  4. Thank you for sharing. I needed those words today.


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