November 23, 2017

Sweet Cornbread

I’ve made a lot of cornbread through the years for my family.

And growing up, I loved when my Mama made Jiffy cornbread.  I loved it so much that I fed it to my family, too, for several years.

I’ve tried numerous recipes for both sweet and “unsweet” cornbread, and have never really been pleased with from scratch recipes.  And when I ground my own whole wheat for it to make this kind, I almost knew it wouldn’t turn out.  That it would be too gritty or too grainy, or too dense, or too something.

But determined to find one I could use til the end of time, I made it anyway.

And to my pleasant surprise, my husband said that it was the best. cornbread. ever. WOAH!

And you know what?  I agree.

It’s my new forever favorite cornbread recipe.

Now, please….before you send me hate mail because it has sugar in it, please….remember I’m a Texas girl.  And remember that my Mama raised me on sweet, delicious, cake-like cornbread.  Oh, man, how I miss her.

I think it’s kind of funny how I use freshly ground, organic whole wheat flour and then dump a cup of sugar into the bowl, but hey…I’m trying.  And it still beats the boxed mixes.

What makes this a winner is that it’s delicious comfort food, baked from scratch, and goes so perfectly with your favorite fall vegetable beef stew, crock pot roast, and chili.

Oh, and by the way, this tastes a lot like Jiffy.  Only better!



  1. Do you think this recipe would work with no sugar at all? My deep-south Alabama family doesn’t like sweet cornbread! Go figure.
    Also, can you shed some light on grapeseed oil? I have some but am not really sure how to best use it.
    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Where do you find corn to grind? I’ve had to use popcorn because I haven’t found a source.

    • I use popcorn, too. Azure Standard is a good source for most things like that. I get almost all of my grains for grinding from there, including all kinds of wheat, even kamut, spelt, millet, oats, and so much more. 🙂

  3. Good to know. Azure is where I get all my grains, too.

  4. Glad I found your blog today Brandy, I stumbled onto it from Pinterest. Beautiful blog, full of interesting things. I can’t wait to try some of the scrubs you posted, and that vanilla body butter looks scrumptious! thanks, Anna

  5. Tried this recipe tonight with bean soup … delicious! I too have tried many from scratch that just didn’t even come close to Jiffy’s but this one does. Question … what size cast iron is pictured. I used my 9 inch and while it didn’t overflow, it swelled up like a giant cake, lol. I have a much larger pan but am thinking it might be too large.

  6. This is the best cornbread EVER! I just made it for dinner with fresh ground white wheat but baked it in a glass dish and it turned out fantastic!!! My husband loved it!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I don’t have an iron skillet. Can I use a regular oven friendly skillet or would a french oven (w/o the lid) be better? Thanks!

  8. like this recipe. i am somewhat of a chef and i have made cast iron corn bread many times and yes Jiffy is a good old stand by but i can see the whole wheat would give it a positive flavor point. Thank You … PS: Try Butter Milk and a little Bacon Renderings (grease lol)


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