November 22, 2017

Summer Salad

Summer Salad

By Contributing Writer, Sarah

Summer brings with it the best foods! Everything is fresh, vibrant and delicious!

I love eating salads in the summer. There are endless possibilities! My favorite way to make a summer salad is to add fruit in with the lettuce. It gives it such a lovely, seasonal feel and fabulous flavor! I’ve been bringing seasonal variations of this salad to playgroups and potlucks for years with rave reviews and recipe requests!

This summer salad recipe is very versatile. You can add whatever fruit you happen to have on hand. It is wonderful for a quick, healthy lunch or a picnic in the park. Kids love it because it has berries in it!

I like to use romaine lettuce or a spring mix but you can use your favorite variety. Iceberg lettuce is basically void of nutrition so you would be better off avoiding it.

A really good dressing to use with this is an apple cider vinegar and herb dressing, or even a delicious Italian-style dressing. Ranch is pretty awesome too!

Lettuce, apples, grapes and berries are very heavily sprayed with pesticides, so you want to get organic or no-spray if possible. 


What is your favorite summer food?

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