November 18, 2017

Spark Energy Drink & Blender Bottle Giveaway!

Spark and Blender Bottle Giveaway! |

My husband recently lost 30 pounds and is fitter than he has been in a long time!  He and I finished our first half marathon just a couple weeks ago, and I have to say, it was a pretty amazing thing to have completed it myself, but  even more amazing to watch my husband finish in better time than me.  This is especially impressive considering the fact that just a few months ago, he had one knee that was so weak, running was almost impossible.

Long story short?  My husband began his journey to better health in June with the 24 Day Challenge and a gym membership.  He lost 15 pounds in those 24 days, and since then has lost 15 more, simply because he stuck with those healthy changes he made.

Spark Energy Drink |

One of the biggest changes he made was to completely stop drinking coffee.  Instead, he drinks Spark every morning, and sometimes if he needs an energy boost in the afternoon, he has a second one.  While I am totally impressed that he doesn’t need sugar-laden coffee anymore at all, what is even more impressive is the fact that he isn’t tired all the time anymore.  Now, I know that since he’s healthier and stronger from working out, he naturally has more energy, but I have to tell you, this Spark has been a life changer for him.

I don’t drink Spark every day, but I most definitely have one if I hit a rough spot in my day where I need a pick-me-up.  And you know what?  It works instantly!  I LOVE that this is not one of those yucky chemical-laden energy drinks in a can, but is packed full of vitamins that not only help me have more energy, but enhance mental focus, too!

Spark and Shaker Bottle Giveaway!  |

I love this product so much that I wanted to include it in our 25 Days of Christmas giveaways.  One lucky reader will be randomly selected as the winner of one box of Spark AND a handy-dandy blender bottle to get you shakin’ every morning!

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Want to learn more about Spark or the 24 Day Challenge?  You can email me at and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.  Or, simply click the links to find out more.

Do you find that you need more energy on a daily basis?


  1. There are times in the day would this would be great! Also if I could get off my sugar laden coffee that would be even better! 🙂

  2. yes, I guess the older I get the more sleep I crave…or maybe my kids are figuring out better ways to wear me down:)

  3. valerie reeder says:


  4. This is something I need to try.

  5. I would love this. I need to give up my sugar coffee.

  6. This would be great, and yes, I need more energy 🙂 I try to exercise to help, but it’s hard to find time to get in a good amount.

  7. I have three crazy little ones and the youngest isn’t a fan of sleeping…of course I’d like more energy!

  8. Kalin cates says:

    Spark is amazing! I would love to win!

  9. Sounds like just what I need,

  10. Elizabeth S says:

    When pigs fly I will not need more energy. 🙂

  11. This sounds like something my hubby needs!

  12. I have been using ThermoPlus and Catalyst from Advocare for about three months and they have been awesome! Would definitely love to give Spark a try!!

  13. My husband needs to try this!

  14. Meagan cooper says:

    Of course I do : ) I have a three year old a newborn a husband and a full time job. Spark is awesome

  15. Julie Scott says:

    I’d love to be able to give up my coffee!!!

  16. I definitely need more energy!;!!

  17. Would love to try this.

  18. Carrine Judy says:

    As a busy mom…it sounds like something I would love to try!

  19. I’ve been very curious about this product as my sister-in-law also lost a lot of weight using this while training for a half marathon. I would love to win it so I could try it also.

  20. My mom has been drinking this and is in better shape than i am now!! I definitely need to give up my addition to “contaminated coffee” as my husband says.

  21. Would love to try this! I could use something to help with energy and mental clarity!!!

  22. oh yes, i really need more energy!

  23. Yes I need this!! I need more energy during the day cause when you work with little kids they seem to zap all of your energy and then you have none.

  24. Yes there are many days! It is usually when I have neglected my health by not exercising and not taking vitamins. This product sounds great.

  25. I would love to try this product!

  26. I tried a friends Spark Energy Drink the other day and loved!! Would LOVE to win this!!

  27. definitely! Spark looks easy enough for a busy mom!

  28. Amber Henderson says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this!

  29. Love the Post and Love the giveaway. To see some great recipes for protein shakes you can visit

  30. Adria Cain says:

    I am a coffee drinker, but would love to find a healthy alternative for those times I feel draggy but coffee seems to heavy.

  31. Yes, I need more energy in the day. Almost as much as you. I have six sons to chase after in school.

  32. I can always use more energy. Great idea for a giveaway.

  33. Caroline O. says:

    We love Spark! Our chiropractor introduced us to this product in particular a few years ago. I was disappointed to find out it had caffeine (explained my shakiness when I would drink it and my coffee), but he showed us another Advocare product with the same vitamins & minerals, but no caffeine.

  34. I would love to try it!

  35. I definitely need the energy boost mid-afternoon!

  36. I have been considering Advocare for a while. Id love to try it!

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