November 20, 2017

Simple Steps to Begin Cooking Homemade: Baked Goods

If you missed the first post in the Simple Steps to Begin Cooking Homemade series, we talked about some essential pantry staples that will help you get started cooking from scratch.

And this month, we’re discussing one of the most obvious, and probably one of our most favorite aspects of cooking homemade – baking!

I’d always loved to bake, and as we began to have children, I realized more and more the importance of using simpler ingredients. Even if I made something with white flour, I still felt better about serving that than I did canned biscuits or pancakes made from a boxed mix that contained ingredients I couldn’t pronounce.

Over the years, I’ve replaced more and more packaged baked goods with healthier homemade versions. Baking from scratch does require a bit of planning ahead, and of course, a bit of prep work, but not only is it healthier, it can be a lot of fun!

Baked Goods to Make Instead of Buy

If you’re just beginning to bake from scratch, here are a few simple recipes to experiment with, instead of buying and using packaged mixes:  (Click on over to Keeper of the Home where I shared the entire article today.)


  1. My grandma taught me that a house is not a home unless the oven is always warm. So I’ve embraced her advice. I love to bake and I am glad that my daughter enjoys my replicas of bought goodies.

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