November 18, 2017

Simple Scrubs to Make and Give

I love homemade scrubs!  And they make wonderful gifts!

I’ve learned how to make quite a few from reading  Stacy’s book, that is packed full of amazing recipes for simple body scrubs like this citrus one!

Stacy, from A Delightful Home, has offered to give away a copy of her e-book, Simple Scrubs to Make and Give just in time for you to learn how to make scrubs for Christmas gifts this year!

In this fantastic book, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to make all-natural scrubs for anything from facials to foot scrubs, how to use them, and even how to package them as beautiful gifts for those you love!

What I love most about Stacy’s recipes is that they are all made using mostly things that can be found in the kitchen. Or that they’re mostly made with things that are good to eat, too. Or maybe what I love most about Stacy’s scrubs is that they smell amazing because they can be mixed with your favorite essential oil, like lavender or peppermint.

Are you ready to learn how to make your own – often using ingredients from your own kitchen? You will be amazed at how simple it really is!

Enter to win your copy of Simple Scrubs to Make and Give using the Rafflecopter box below.

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  1. Rachel Foshe says:

    I would make fun scrubs for my daughter to play with in the bath. She is very allergic to most any bath products you buy in stores and these sound great for her skin!

  2. I would make scrubs to use as Christmas gifts for family members.

  3. These would be perfect gifts for the ladies in my family (not to mention just plain luxurious to use myself)!

  4. Melissa Witte says:

    I would make for everyone for Christmas gifts…haven’t bought anything yet 🙂

  5. What a great gift idea for other tired mommies!

  6. Emmy Gallodoro says:

    I have 5 sisters and they would really enjoy receiving some scrubs as Christmas gifts and my boys and I would really enjoy making them

  7. Emmy Gallodoro says:

    I would also make this for my grandmothers and moms. I think any women can appreciate an nice scrub

  8. Christina Steinhart says:

    I think this is amazing! I would be excited to try some of these with my Mother. We all have sensitive skin and I think they’d be the most natural for us to use! Especially our favorite scents, vanilla and almond! Great gift ideas too!

  9. I’d make these scrubs for all of the women in our family! I know each of them would be delighted to receive one!!

  10. I would make scrubs for all my sisters!

  11. Searching for the perfect scrub to give for Christmas

  12. oops I originally posted on wrong post. For me, I have 6 sons & need some pampering.

  13. Emily Drobenak says:

    I grew up with two brothers, but now I also have two sister-in-laws! I would make these scrubs for the two lovely ladies who are now a part of my life. =)

  14. I would make them for my daughter. Maybe vanilla and lavender?

  15. I would make them for my family and coworkers. I’d probably try lavender.

  16. Well, obviously I would make them for myself (and I LOVE lavender), but they’d make great gifts for virtually any woman I know 🙂

  17. I’d make them first for mySELF (gotta try them out, right???), then I’d make some for my gal-pals and my mother-in-law…but, I seriously doubt I’d get around to it before Christmas. (Maybe Valentine’s Day???) :=]

  18. There are five women in my family who would love homemade scrubs! I love rosemary/mint and lavender/vanilla scents. I think I would also like to try to make a scrub with a more masculine scent for my husband!

  19. I would make scrubs for gifts. I love the brown sugar and citrus scrub, but would love to try others.

  20. I have been thinking about making some scrubs and have heard of this e-book a few times. I’d love to win!

  21. I’d make scrubs for my church friends. I would certainly have some lavender scrubs, and maybe some citrus too.

  22. StephanieA says:

    Ooh, what a great idea, would love to make for loved ones. Been looking for the perfect gift to give with a homemade touch!

  23. I love vanilla and coconut. Two smells I can’t get enough of! I would make them for friends and family so I don’t leave anyone out this season!!

  24. I would make this for myself, my sisters, and some girlfriends. I would love to experiment with coconut and grapefruit scents.

  25. This would be great for my sisters!

  26. Congratulations Stephanie! Now, I’m going to go buy a copy 😉

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