December 15, 2017

Scripture Stickies {and a Christmas Giveaway!}

Years and years ago, when my husband and I were newlyweds, I wrote dozens of my favorite Scriptures on sticky notes and plastered them all over our apartment because I was just that determined to memorize some of my favorites.  It might have been pretty weird for visitors who came over to our place who weren’t quite accustomed to the way I do things, let alone our devotion to learning God’s Word back then.

Boy, I’m glad I did that.  I still have many of those verses in my head all these years later, and the fruit of that tiny effort of placing sticky notes everywhere has been that I can quickly and easily recite these gems in teaching moments with our boys.  God knows what He’s doing in those planting years, doesn’t He?

I have to admit, I haven’t made such an eager attempt at writing Bible verses on sticky notes since way back then, although we have several things with verses hanging on our walls.  I do so deeply desire for our children to have God’s Word planted in their hearts at an early age.

When Scripture Stickies emailed me and asked if they could send me some of their product to review here, I jumped at it!  How great would it be to have Scriptures already printed on a sticky type note to place all over our home to remind us daily of His Word?  Yes – fantastic!

Scripture Stickies Giveaway |

I put a few daily reminder Scriptures inside cupboards, as well as on our boys’ coat rack, around the kitchen, in the bathroom, and on the fridge.  I’m thinking about a few other places to put them where all of us will see them every day.  Places like our closets, right by our bed, and maybe even our toothbrush drawer sound like great ideas.  Where would you put them?

Scripture Stickies Giveaway |

Scripture Stickies also sent me the Advent pack which includes verses about the birth of our Savior.  I’ll be using these in addition to our other Advent activities, like our tree calendar that hangs on our fridge, as well as Truth in the Tinsel.

Scripture Stickies Giveaway |

Don’t you think their Scripture packs would make a great gift?

Scripture Stickies Giveaway |

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  1. We practice our verses at lunchtime and bedtime and keep them displayed in their playroom.

  2. ra thompson says:

    genius idea!…

  3. Such a neat idea!!!

  4. I love this idea! I’ve been wanting to hang verses around the house. We usually make up silly songs or just repeat it over and over throughout the day, but it just doesn’t always stick.

  5. Christina A. says:

    I usually stick up note cards with verses on them but love this idea instead. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  6. My friend Sally at Scripture Haven (on Etsy) makes these great personalized books with your child’s name inserted into verses. (i.e. “For God so loved Hannah…). I have one for each of my kids and I try to read a verse to them every morning while they are eating breakfast.

  7. Amanda W. says:

    I turn them into songs. Just really simple ones, but it really helps my 2 year old!

  8. We like listening to Scripture songs. It’s a wonderful way to memorize quickly and retain the verses!

  9. We go to Awana’s where the boys memorize scriptures.

  10. These are great. I would put them all over my house and office.

  11. My kids are little so I set the verse to a familiar tune or make up motions to accompany the verse.

  12. We like to use scripture verses set to music.

  13. Love this idea!

  14. This is great! I think this would be a good way to share the scripture with all our family members, kids included. Sometimes it helps the kids to memorize it if they make it into a song or if they make a cheer or hand motions to illustrate it.

  15. Anne Marie says:

    Super cute idea!

  16. The kids memorize scripture as part of their curriculum at Veritas Classical School. We practice their memory work at home throughout the school year. During the summer I usually choose a passage that deals with certain character traits (kindness, patience, love, or forgiveness) for us to learn as a family.

  17. Anne Marie says:

    Great to put in their lunches or pillows at night. We watch veggietales to learn the story then refer back to the verses.

  18. We say verses together during our Bible time each morning. It isn’t long before the children have them memorized!

  19. What a great idea!

  20. Jody Carr says:

    What an awesome idea, the possibilities are endless!

  21. Jody Carr says:

    We have CDs with scripture as songs, my girls love them!

  22. I read psalm 23 to my little guy every night and personalize it.. The Lord is G’s shepherd he shall not want etc

  23. Scripture songs and using our own sign language for the verses.

  24. Good idea! My girls would love these.

  25. We love this idea! WE were trying to write them on our white board and review mornings but this would make them even more visible around the house!

  26. Joanna Price says:

    We really haven’t started that yet… I love the idea of listening to scripture songs, will start with that!

  27. Great idea! Simple way to display scripture to keep our minds focused above 🙂

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