November 22, 2017

Savory Roasted Vegetables

Savory Roasted Veggies |

This is one of those accidental recipes.  You know the ones.  You throw a few things in a pan with a bit of olive oil, sea salt, and you cover it with foil and roast, and just WOW!

Our family really loves this dish, and I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the yummy vegetables, or the whole head of garlic, or the lemon pepper, but it’s a hit!

For this pan, I washed and cut two yellow squash, two zucchini, one sweet potato, using a mandolin slicer, 1/2 a purple onion, and whole head of garlic.  I coated the pan with organic extra virgin olive oil, then threw the chopped veggies in with the peeled garlic cloves.  I drizzled a bit more olive oil over the veggies, sprinkled with sea salt and some lemon pepper.  Half an hour or so later, this wholesome, delicious dish emerged from the oven.

I can see this on our dinner table for years to come, and maybe, most likely, I’m almost sure – at our Thanksgiving table this year.

You can experiment with your roasted veggies, adding different types and amounts as you prefer.  And if you don’t have lemon pepper in your pantry, use juice from a fresh lemon and some cracked black pepper.  You could even use Italian seasoning, or a bit of basil, oregano, and/or rosemary.  Maybe a splash of balsamic vinegar!  Oh my goodness.  All this talk is making me hungry.

Here’s the printable recipe.  From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy!

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