November 18, 2017

Reviewing Goals for Your Homeschool

Reviewing Goals for Homeschool
By Contributing Writer, Kelly Wiggains


The end of January is a tough place for homeschooling. It’s the dead of winter. The holidays are over. Spring is still a tiny, tiny dot on the horizon. Families can easily get discouraged or stuck in a rut.


I find it helpful to spend some time reviewing our family goals for homeschooling to both motivate and encourage me. I am able to see how far we have come from the beginning of the year, but I can also see what else we need to be working on.


I like to review our progress through three categories: Love God, Love Each Other, Love to Learn


Love God: Are we spending time in the Word? Do we need a new family devotional study? Are we memorizing scripture?


Our curriculum includes areas of Bible study. I love using Simply Charlotte Mason’s Scripture Memory System, and I implemented my friend Connie’s Wholesome Talk Challenge to give us some topical study relevant to our needs. (ahem)


Love Each Other: Are there things my kids are doing well? Should they be working on some specific heart issues towards their siblings? How can I help them with relationships?


I’m helping my oldest work on some anger strategies when he gets frustrated. I’m helping my middle son use words to express when he’s upset or angry and not resorting to physical violence (you know, ninja chops and the like), and I’m helping my three-year-old learn that screaming is never a good option for dealing with her brothers.


Love to Learn: Is our curriculum doing its job? Do we need to focus our attention on another learning strategy? Do we need to drop anything? Add anything?

For academic learning, I’m just doing a double-check on our curriculum progress. We are continuing piano lessons with my oldest son, and we are incorporating art lessons/crafts in our school day, almost every day.

Socially, I want all of my kids to work on opening the door for others, waiting on others to go first, knocking before entering, and speaking up when in public. (Well, the boys anyway. My daughter does not struggle in this department.)


For life skills, I want my oldest to spend more time in the kitchen, continue typing lessons, and work on tying his shoes better. I want my middle son to be better about picking up his toys and clothes, and I want my youngest to master putting on her own clothes. These are all things we are constantly doing and checking, but honing in on a few skills helps me focus and keep track of what my kids know and where they need to be down the line.


I’ve found that reviewing my goals keeps me from getting overwhelmed. By evaluating where we are, I can eliminate my distractions and look forward to another few months of study with my kiddos.


What are your current homeschooling goals?

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