November 18, 2017

Red Beans and Rice

Oh, this is comfort food at its best!Ā  So filling, and so nutritious, too.

Did you know that combining beans and rice makes a complete protein?

This is another one of those simple and versatile recipes that you’ll probably make different every time.Ā  And you can make this soupier or thicker, depending on how you like it.

White rice is pictured here, and is what is commonly used, but brown rice is the healthier option.


  1. Now all I need is a good from scratch cornbread recipe….

    • Hey, Debs! You reading my mind, or what!?! šŸ˜‰

      • Well i’m from London, UK and have never made cornbread, but i’d love to try! I get really frustrated with recipes that tell me to start with a box of this or that that can obviously be got easily enough in the states, but can’t be bought over here. Hence the wanting a from scratch recipe šŸ™‚

  2. Did you know that rice and beans are the staple of Brazilians every day meals? Most commonly eaten are the pinto beans and black beans, but we like variety so you will see white and red beans too. Besides rice and beans, most meals include meat, fish or chicken, lots of veggies in forms of salad or sauteed vegetables. Traditionally a meal in Brazil has at least 4 different dishes at any table.

    Traditionally our beans are cooked in a pressure cooker. We then saute garlic and onions and add to the beans. Our beans are ALWAYS savory. We never add sugar to it like most Southerns do here in the US. Also we have no such thing as canned beans!!! Everyone cooks from scratch: from dried beans.

    There is also a very traditional dish called FEIJOADA… it’s kind of a stew or soup where lots of salted meats and pork like bacon and ribs are added. It is cooked for a long time so that the beans can take up the flavor of the meats. We serve it over white rice with side dishes like sliced oranges, deep fried bananas, farofa and collard greens. It’s usually eaten at lunch time and afterwards everyone takes a nap. šŸ™‚

    Talk about good food and good life!!! šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for posting this, Brandy. I’m making it tomorrow! Beans, beans, beans! ; )

    • Oh, I hope you like it. And I hope the beans are helping you. I definitely noticed an improvement when I ate my beans!! šŸ™‚

      • OH. SO. GOOD! It actually reminded me of the way my mom made it growing up. Mine is more like chili/stew…a little heavy for me right now during morning sickness. Yours was perfect! The kids gobbled it up and most of them went back for seconds. Hubby is on his 24 hour shift, so he missed out. šŸ™

        I just finished eating…so waiting for my tummy to settle a bit, but so far so good!

        Thanks! LOVE IT! I’m so glad there’s leftovers!

  4. Hey Candace, I am glad you like Feijoada. I haven’t had any in over 8 years!! šŸ™

    I make beans at home at least 2 times at week. When we have left overs I add them to soup. Beans are so good for you. Very filling and has lots of fiber. They will make you a regular bathroom goer if you have problems with constipation. Here is another tip: in the beginning you might have LOTS of problems with gas, BUT if you eat beans regularly those gases eventually decrease to an occasional f*rt. :P.

    Another tip is to SOAK your beans for at least 12 hours that will help get the process of breaking down started and they are easier on your stomach. Now I understand why my Mom and Grandma always had beans soaking on the kitchen counter. Do a google search for soaking. šŸ™‚

  5. Red Beans and Rice – wow that is some incredible comfort food! Love the stuff

  6. Kristine Henry says:

    Hi, Brandy!
    If I want to freeze the leftovers, can I freeze the beans/rice mixture together, or should I just freeze the beans and make more rice the next time?
    Thank you & Congratulations on your new Baby Boy!! God Bless all of You!

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