November 24, 2017

Quinoa Chicken Chili {for the slow cooker}

This is a hearty, nutritious, delicious dish that your whole family can enjoy.  The recipe fills a crock pot almost to the brim, which leaves our family just enough for dinner and a couple of bowls for lunch the next day.


  1. Mmmm, I was wondering some other ways to use quinoa. Can’t wait to try this one.

  2. is the chicken pre cooked?

  3. Made this tonight and enjoyed it! I loved the spiciness, but I might reserve a bowl for the baby before I add the cayenne next time.

  4. This was delicious! I made it for dinner tonight along with your sweet cornbread and we all loved it! My little man who is 18 months old loved it too!! It had a good amount of spice… not too much or too little. And my husband said it was fantastic! I did not however tell him it had Quinoa, otherwise he probably would have “changed his mind” about it. He’s not very open to new foods!

  5. Dumb question–is “medium” heat the same as “low” on crock pots with only two settings, High and Low? How would you recommend adjusting the time if not?

    • Oh, man! That’s the tricky part of slow cooker recipes, isn’t it? Mine has a few settings, and I cook this somewhere in the middle, so here’s my answer. If you are going to be home, cook it on high, and just watch it. If you’re going to start it in the morning, then leave, cook it on low. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  6. Is the quinoa uncooked when you put it in?

  7. This sounds absolutely delicious! I came across your site because of your gluten free recipes as my daughter has started the GFCF Diet. We tried your choc cake and choc chip cookie pie recipe and both were amazing so I definitely will try your other recipes. Thank you for posting them. 🙂

  8. I just stumbled across this recipe and was so excited I found something healthy my husband would eat with me! I used Louisiana Cajun chicken broth instead of regular but other than that I followed the recipe to a T and it was sooo good! I had plenty leftover to freeze. Thank you.

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