November 22, 2017

Preschoolers and Gardening

We planted a vegetable garden in our backyard this spring.

The boys are having a blast watching it grow. The yellow squash are in the lead!

All of the boys seem so fascinated by watching the plants produce fruit.  Little Dax is examining a baby squash here.

They routinely come in the house to tell me about another yellow squash they’ve found!

We really will have so many to enjoy this summer! Can’t wait to enjoy them right out of our garden!

This has been pretty much a “no-work” garden, considering my husband and the boys built them and now, the boys water them for me regularly.

Here’s Little Dax, hard at work. He likes to use the proper hose. With the proper spray setting. He’s Type A like me.

The Melon Patch…..

Cantoloupes and watermelons….Here we grow!!!

The cantoloupes are way ahead of the watermelons…….

My sweet Dax. Watering with the proper hose.

My sweet Drew. Watering with…..what’s that???   Yes.  A gun.

A water gun, that is.

“THIS is how I do it, Mama!”

“Now, what else can I shoot!?!”

Cute picture attempt by Mom #1.

Cute picture attempt by Mom #2……

“Look at ME!!!!” I say. “Quit showing me your gum!!!”

Cute enough.

Love these boys to PIECES!!!!!!


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