April 24, 2014

Paper Prayer Chain: Countdown to Christmas

paper prayer chain

By Contributing Writer, Stef

Paper chains are one of my favorite holiday traditions I remember as a kid.  My mom would make one chain for my door and another for my sister’s door.  We could not wait for each day to rip a link off our chain and count down to Christmas!

As a mom I want to incorporate my old traditions into my own home.  But I’m giving these traditions just a little twist to make it special for my boys.

We create Paper Prayer Chains.

paper prayer chain

The same supplies for a paper chain are needed for a paper prayer chain:  colored construction paper, scissors, stapler or tape, and a marker.

Fold a piece of construction paper in half, in half again, and again a third time.  (if you unfold the paper you will see 8 links)

Cut the links.
paper prayer chain

Once the links are cut write names of friends and family members on each link.  This is easier than going back inside the links to write down names once they are connected.  Trust me, you’ll try to alternate “his family”, “my family”, “kid’s friend”, etc. and might feel overwhelmed and never want to see the chain again.  I let God control who is getting what date and prayed for when.
Don’t forget: include your neighbors, church workers, or babysitters.  Maybe include not-for-profit organizations you support, or our troops!

Loop the links so the names are on the inside (unseen) and numbers on the outside.

You can make the chain as long as you want (1 week, 2 weeks, etc.).

Hang the chain where you will not forget it!  I once put it on the back of a bedroom door that we never shut and completely forgot a dozen days.

Each night before bed allow your children to carefully remove a link and pray for the name(s) on the back.  Pray as long as they want – these prayers are for other people!  Encourage children to say their own prayers if they can.

Paper Prayer Chains are great practice for evening prayers together and a wonderful way to count down to Christmas.

Do you have a special countdown to Christmas tradition that you do as a family?

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  1. I love this idea- thanks for sharing! We are doing this Advent calendar and learning the names of God: http://www.hsprintables.com/files/NOJAdventChain.pdf

  2. Caroline B says:

    This is such a special idea, thank you for sharing!!

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