November 17, 2017

Oreo Truffles

Other options for chocolate shell:
  • 1/2 cup of shortening, give or take as needed + 1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips  (Melt together, then dip truffles.)
  • 16 oz.  semi-sweet chocolate baking squares (Melt, then dip.)
  • This is the chocolate shell I used and they turned out great!

*Makes about 3 dozen.


  1. We also like just rolling some in crushed Oreos and skipping the chocolate shell. I got tired of dipping them once and took the lazy, but still yummy, route!

    • Oh yes. I got lazy towards the end too, and just started drizzling chocolate over them instead of dunking the whole thing. So messy! But worth it! 😉

  2. Or you can just marry a guy who works for Russell Stover… these look good, though!

  3. We like these with white chocolate, but then I guess it really wouldn’t be called a truffle! 😉

  4. I made what seemed like close to 500 of these for my wedding reception over two years ago… and I think I’ve only made them once since! I’ll probably make them again this year to give away as gifts (“lumps of coal”). 🙂

  5. You can just use coconut oil with the chocolate and it will form a nice crusty shell. It’s better if you keep it refrigerated though.

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