December 15, 2017

Numbers and Colds

Random thoughts from my sleep deprived brain…The first one will explain everything:

1.  I function very well on 7 or 8 hours of sleep.  I function just fine on 5 or 6 hours of sleep.  I even function okay on 3 or 4 hours of sleep.  It’s when I get under three hours that I am a walking zombie.  By zombie I mean hair in a wad on the top of my head, still in pjs, grumpy and impatient.

2.  I get less than three hours of sleep quite often if one or more of our children has any sort of illness.  This can include a mild cold.  A mild cold in itself is not worrisome, and so most folks venture out into public, spreading germs and infecting others routinely.  Because after all, a cold in itself is pretty harmless.

3.  Multiply that cold times 7 children in one house, who are, in fact, taken care of by the same ONE mother and that’s how she gets less than the aforementioned THREE hours of sleep at night.

4.  My six month old baby was not sleeping through the night before the aforementioned cold virus, thus increasing the amount of times he is up in the night.  He really dislikes the snot in his nose.  Colds are harmless, right?

5.  There are four scooters and two ripstiks used  by six boys to whiz through the kitchen where I load the dishwasher three times each day.  To my own surprise, I have been run over ZERO times. 

6.  We ate one pot of homemade chicken soup and seven pieces of whole wheat SUPER garlic toast for lunch, because I am so over the seven colds.

7.  Tonight, I plan on cooking zero dinner, purchasing one nasal aspirator for my baby, am hoping to sleep at least a four hour stretch, and after that, keeping the boys indoors for approximately eleven weeks. 



P.S.  As I finished the last sentence of this post, my chair was slammed into by ONE razor scooter.  For real.


  1. sue story says:

    Hope everyone stays well.

  2. I hope the colds go away soon! I had to giggle at your P.S., it was kind of funny timing.

  3. Oh my goodness – you are a busy mama! I know what you mean about all the germs though – we have really tried to teach our kids to wash their hands better, cover their mouths and all the normal stuff but it never fails. Just when you think you have done well – bam, a cold! LOL! We also make sure our kids eat mostly whole foods and drink their smoothies and water too plus they take their Belly Boost chewable probiotics for kids to help with prevention of colds. We are hopeful! Hope everyone stays well in your home 🙂

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