November 23, 2017

No-Bake Brownie Bites

Before you take a glance at the ingredient list, let me tell you that these little brownie bites are melt-in-your-mouth delicious!  They also only take five minutes to mix up!  And one of the sweetest marvels of these little wonders is that they are gluten-free!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, because I used to think the same thing when I would come across a gluten-free recipe when I thought we didn’t really need gluten-free recipes for our family.  I would click away and look for something with the “traditional” ingredients like white flour and white sugar, because, let’s face it – we’re accustomed to the taste of those foods in our culture.

But, more and more, I’m finding that not only do we like the taste of many gluten-free desserts, but quite often, I feel better about serving them to our family.  So, now that you didn’t click away, even if you don’t need to try gluten-free recipes, I invite you to anyway on the basis of good flavor and good health.

These little babies will NOT disappoint!

Now.  I hereby grant you permission to view the ingredient list of these delightful no-bake brownie bites!


  1. Yum! I made a very similar recipe last week but rolled them in coconut for a little party flare. They are really good!

  2. I have also been making something similar. So yummy! I just wish that you could easily (and less expensively) make more. 🙂 I saw so many flavor ideas that I want to experiment with like key lime pie.

  3. Pinned it, thank you! 🙂 Love your blog.

    • I just started following this blog, but can’t figure out how to pin the posts?? Can someone help me out. I use my iPad and don’t see any link to pin… On multiple posts now.

      • When there isn’t a “pin it” button within the post, you can pin something by clicking a pin it button in your toolbar. Go to Pinterest and install the button and then it is always there for you to use when you something you’d like to pin. Does this make sense? Here is a link to the page that has the button on it:

        • Thank you so much for your time! I tried the link and it is not easy, requires you to copy and paste link every time. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I went to your link, clicked on the “make pin it button”. I also tried just clicking the Pinterest button at the bottom of your link. Both required me to copy and paste the address of your image. So I guess i figured it out… Just a lot to do for one pin!

          • Oh, so sorry. I will try and go back and add Pin-it buttons to my posts. Thanks for letting me know.

          • Thanks again for your responses! I very much appreciate your example of motherhood, healthy eating and being a ‘nice’ Christian! 🙂 Our third little one is 5 months and it’s been rough.

  4. Jenny in the Mitten says:

    Yes! These will be great for Passover! So ready to try them.

  5. I really like doing things like this to grab as a snack or a little sweet during the day. In fact, I had some in the fridge and just finished the last one this afternoon 🙂

    • Isn’t it amazing how just the littlest bite of chocolate can keep us from eating a huge dessert, too? 🙂

  6. These are sooo yummy! I made them into bars and they are a HUGE hit at our house (

    Thank you!!!

  7. Wow, I just made these and they are terrific! I am a total fan! I think these will become a family favourite. It was my first time cooking with coconut oil. I liked it – thanks for putting me on to it. It sounds like it is a very healthy option. I love your site. Thanks for posting this fabulous recipe! Cheers, Fleur

  8. Hi Brandy could you tell me what brand coconut oil you use? I use nutiva and find that in some recipes it has too strong of a coconut flavor. Thanks!

  9. This recipe sounds amazing! We have some nut allergies in our house and I was wondering if you had any ideas for exchanging the nuts in this recipe? Would it work to double the walnuts and not add almonds? Thank you for your thoughts!


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