September 20, 2017

Natural Supplements for Pregnancy

I know I’ve shared a few things before about what I take during pregnancy, but inevitably, I learn something new with each baby, and this pregnancy is no different.  And several of you have asked for me to share what supplements I’m currently taking, so here you go.  Please just know this is not everything in my routine, just a few of the main supplements.  I will be sharing more later on which essential oils I use for natural remedies during pregnancy, and which herbal teas I use for what in future posts.

Natural Supplements During Pregnancy |

Prenatal Vitamins by Rainbow Light

I love these prenatal vitamins, and wish I had tried them half a dozen babies ago.  Things I like about them:

  • you only have to take one a day
  • they don’t taste bad
  • they don’t make me nauseous
  • they have ingredients to aid digestion like probiotics and enzymes

DHA by Rainbow Light

Again, I love this brand because they make them easy to take by making them one-a-day, and they don’t taste bad.  Things shouldn’t taste bad when you’re pregnant, in my opinion.

MultiGreens by Young Living

This is a supplement recommended by many including Debra Raybern who wrote the book called Gentle Babies that I refer to on a weekly (if not daily) basis for natural pregnancy remedies.  I take MultiGreens for a number of reasons.

  • optimal nutrition for me and baby – Since it is packed full of supplements like bee pollen, barley grass juice concentrate, spirulina, alfalfa, amino acids, and helpful essential oils like rosemary and lemongrass, it’s a powerhouse in capsule form.
  • helps ease my nausea (See this or this post for natural remedies for nausea.)
  • increases my energy

Power Meal by Young Living

I’m not a huge meal replacement shake kind of gal, but when I know I need to get in some good nutrition in a fast and easy way, I mix a scoop of this stuff into a yogurt/fruit smoothie, and I know I’ve just downed some critical vitamins and minerals for our growing baby (and me).

With about 10 grams of protein per scoop, if you’re looking for a healthy protein shake, this one is a winner.  Protein in the difficult weeks of nausea and vomiting is crucial, and this is a great option for getting more in during that time, too.

Lemon Essential Oil by Young Living

Easiest supplement ever.  I just add one or two drops of lemon essential oil to my glass water bottle and drink up.  It’s detoxing and cleansing.  But it tastes great and eases the yucky taste that you sometimes have during pregnancy.

Inner Defense by Young Living

I don’t take this immune support supplement every day, but I did recently when the boys were fighting off strep, and NO – I didn’t catch it!

I plan on taking this through cold and flu season, and towards the end of my pregnancy so that I’m well for birth, and definitely in the event that I test positive for Group B Strep.

To learn more about Young Living’s amazing line of essential oils and supplements and how to get started with them, click here.

Note:  I send the book, Gentle Babies, to pregnant moms who join Young Living through me.  Email me for more info.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What natural supplements are you taking during pregnancy?



  1. Just found your blog. Love this post! I take Rainbow Light Prenatal, also. I take it when I am not pregnant, too. I like the natural approach. Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Heidi

  2. First time mother says:

    Hi there,

    Do you know anyone that has taken inner defense for group B strep during their pregnancy? Also did it work?

    I know the gentle baby book suggested to take 3-5 capsules a day but it also contains some oil that aren’t safe for pregnant woman. I’m eager to take it yet worried about my baby.

    Any advice?

    • Brandy Ferguson says:

      I will definitely be taking Inner Defense if I test positive for Group B Strep. In general, the oils cautioned against during pregnancy tend to be other brands – and Young Living essential oils are the most trusted. I might just take three capsules a day – one with each meal, instead of the five. I do trust the book Gentle Babies, by Debra Raybern, and refer to it a lot. Congrats on your pregnancy! 🙂

  3. Great selection of supplements!

    I take a Supermom vitamin, Cod Liver Oil, extra magnesium, and Red Raspberry Leaf. I’m still dealing with morning sickness, so getting the vitamins down is a bit difficult some days.

    Would love to see a pregnancy update post. 🙂

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