November 18, 2017

MRSA: A Real Monster Every Mother Should Know About

Hayden got a spider bite several summers ago.  It had to be a spider bite, because we didn’t recognize it as anything else we’d ever really seen on our kids before.  And after all, he’d been sitting on the grass in the backyard playing in the water.

The “spider bite” grew.  It got red, SWOLLEN, feverish, and NASTY!  We found ourselves at the doctor’s office where we were told that it probably was a spider bite that got infected and that it should clear up on its own.

It didn’t.

It continued to grow into a fiery ball of disgusting infection and we eventually found ourselves holding our child down while we drained the painful lesion.

Then it happened again.


We still didn’t know  yet that MRSA had hit our family.

Then another one of our boys, Dylan, got some sort of bug bite in his groin.  The “bugbite” quickly grew and grew into some sort of monster and within a couple of days, Dylan was hunched over, unable to walk.  The lump in his groin was huge, red, swollen and hot.  He had bright red streaks surrounding it.  The lymph nodes surrounding it were swollen.  He felt terrible.  I was scared out of my mind. We took him to the doctor where he was immediately referred to a surgeon and he was admitted to the hospital.

The surgeon was able to quickly drain and clean the area and packed it with some gauze and left it open to allow it to drain more if it needed.  Dylan was put on antibiotics and sent home.  The lab results came back.


That explained Hayden’s mysterious “spider bites”.  And a host of other little infections here and there we’d seen  in our oldest son, too.

MRSA is mean.  It’s ugly.  It’s from the pits of hell.

I won’t claim to be the scientific expert on the bacteria here.  Please google all you want to learn more on that end.  But please, please…..from one mom to another….take note!

If You Think Your Child Has MRSA:

1.   If your child has a mysterious, swollen “bite”, especially in the summer, do NOT hesitate to take them to the doctor.

2.  Since some doctors are not quick to think of MRSA, be one step ahead of them:  ASK THEM IF THEY THINK IT COULD BE MRSA and ASK IF YOU CAN CULTURE IT.

3.  Keep Bactroban and Hibiclens in your bathroom AT ALL TIMES once you’ve had a case of MRSA.  They’re the biggest tools we have against the demon so far.  Besides antibiotics to eradicate it.

4.  It’s very contagious, so ask your doctor what he/she thinks about treating the family with antibiotics, nasal Bactroban and Hibiclens baths therapeutically to get rid of it.  Yes, 1 in 4 people are colonized with it and you may “catch” it again, but at least you can get rid of it for now.

5.  MRSA can become systemic and result in something called Toxic Shock Syndrome.  TSS can be fatal very quickly.  DO NOT WAIT TO TREAT YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN FOR MRSA.  I personally know firsthand how serious this stuff can be.  Read my story here.

Praying for a cure.  But in the meantime, just be informed and geared up.


  1. nice post. thanks.

  2. sue story says:

    Very good info. You should have lots of stars in your crown for what you have been through.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about this post. 🙂

    I will definitely be researching about MRSA.

  4. Found your site via Money Saving Mom and have been enjoying your posts. However, this one in particular caught my eye.

    You see, when my son was just 7 months old, he got a pimply looking rash on his bottom. I thought it was a diaper rash of some sort (my kids never get diaper rash so I didn’t really know what it was). We cleaned it, treated it and put him to bed. After a couple of days it wasn’t better but worse, and one pimple had festered to a nasty looking boil. I felt like the worst mom as I held my screaming son down so I could lance the boil, drain it and clean it. (Thankfully I keep gloves on hand. Microbiologists are just like that. 😉 )

    It happened again where he got a small boil on his leg and my older daughter got one on her lip (these were a few months after the first outbreak). We treated with tea tree oil, colloidal silver gel from Nature’s Sunshine and lots of probiotics.

    During this time, my father in law was visiting us a lot. Probably every other month. I began to suspect he was the carrier since he kept complaining about “sores in his nose” (and he is a terrible nose picker!!!). The doctors were never able to culture MRSA from the kids and I begged my FIL to go get tested. He visited us one time and it was the last straw. He had a HUGE boil on his knee and could barely walk. I told him to go to the doctor and get cultured, and he finally did (I was also expecting #3 at this time). It came back positive, of course, and they treated the infection and also treated him with Bactraban nasally. My kids never break out in it, only when he was around. He says he has had no further breakouts.

    It is NASTY stuff. I second the Hibiclens, we used that on the kids when they had a boil. I also make sure my FIL uses kleenex (he insists on hankies) and washes VERY well. Heuses Hibiclens if he visits us.

    It is nothing to joke about. It is very scary. 🙁

  5. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    Oh my goodness! How scary! Thanks for sharing! Your a great packer by the way!
    I’m going to use your list next time 🙂

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