November 23, 2017

Menu Plan 9/22/14

Popcorn! |

I have a few sick kiddos around here this week.  It started on the weekend with Levi, who came down with strep.  The rest went like dominoes, skipping random boys.  So chicken soup it was for a couple meals this weekend!  I just know this soup is magic stuff, yall!  😉  And of course I have my Thieves essential oil in the diffuser and on their feet!

I want to write about our new schooling system and how my weeks are busier than ever soon, but for now, this is my menu plan to get through not only sickness, but long days of lots of schoolwork for this family.

Here’s what I have planned, and I’m crock-pot-armed!


(served with fruit or juice)

Cinnamon Rolls |


  • leftovers
  • hummus and veggies and pita
  • sandwiches and fruit
  • quesadillas


Snacks and Baking

Popcorn! |

What’s on YOUR menu this week?


  1. I always enjoy reading menu plans of other families. It is helpful to see different ideas, although I do cook similar meals already. We have recently been making your recipe for granola energy balls. My family loves them.

  2. Love the popcorn picture! 🙂 I have 6 boys and we use the same huge stainless steel bowl to eat popcorn.

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