November 20, 2017

Menu Plan 7/6/2015

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Feeding our families is about so much more than just getting something onto the table every night.

To nourish them is important.  But the table, the gathering place, has a lot more going on than just food.

To meet together every night after hustling about to this activity and that, to sit down, look at one another, to hear each other, to connect on today’s events and matters of the heart big and small, and to share food – hot or cold, fancy or regular, on glass or paper – is the essence of family.

A family dinner is so much more than food, and as much as I want it to be so delicious to their sometimes picky palates, I want to see them.  I want to gather with them.  I want to share moments with them, and I want them to remember the family dinner table, the mealtime as much or more than the meals.

A simple tool I use to make sure these moments happen is menu planning.  It’s not hard.  Each week I make a list of five dinner meals.  From that I make a grocery list.  Then each night I choose a meal from that menu plan.  Sometimes one or more boys will help me make it.  Sometimes they don’t.  The point is making sure it happens, because it’s increasingly important in this ever-changing, busy world!


The Homecooked Menu Plan for the Week



What’s on YOUR menu this week?




  1. Our menu is: beef fajitas, grilled chicken Cesar salad, red beans & rice with sausage, curly lasagna, bratwurst w/potato pancakes & red cabbage. We got a birthday pool party for the weekend too.

  2. Amen to that. As a boy from a family of 4 boys (now all grown up) I look back at our family dinners and feel nostalgia. They were the best memories even when we did argue, spill milk etc… It is like you said more important the meal itself. Keep in mind I dont remember many of food that was in the meals we ate but I remember many of the conversations and thoughts I had during the dinners. Love the website 🙂

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