December 15, 2017

Menu Plan 11/10/14

What!?!  A menu plan?  Yes, I know.  They’ve been scarce around here lately.  I wish I could have a menu plan every single week, but inevitably, life throws a curve ball, and well….the plan goes out the window.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, though.  On the contrary, actually.  I think we should put our plan together, knowing it’s just a plan, and try to stick to it, and when we can’t, well then it’s okay.

But last week was  a rough one for our family.  We said goodbye to a very very dear and precious grandmother.  We’ll miss her so, but her legacy will live on forever.  Such a strong and encouraging voice in my life, no doubt her words and integrity will be echoed into the lives of my own children.

Catching our breath after a tough two weeks, and with football season behind us, I’m looking ahead to a regular routine as much as I can.  Here’s what I’ve planned for our meals this week.



  • breakfast burritos
  • eggs and bacon
  • bagels and cream cheese
  • smoothies
  • cereal
  • peanut butter toast



Vegetable Beef Stew |

Snacks and Baking

Banana Nut Bread |




  1. This is one area of homemaking I do well. Sunday after church I always plan a big meat & potatoes style meal with dessert; soup for dinner. Monday is main dish with two sides, Tuesday one pot meal day, Wednesday is Mexican, Thursday is Italian sometimes red sauce Alfredo or lemon & EVOO drizzle pasta dish/maybe pizza ordered our, Friday usually fish/meatless meal, Saturday on the grill day with burgers, BBQ chicken or King Kong fajita nachos or stir fry or crispy chicken tenders. I use my slow cooker to make dynamite pinto beans for bean & cheddar cheese tacos for lunch. That’s how I do things here in Arizona!

  2. I was browsing your recipes for something to change up this weeks menu and remembered you were at one time working on a big family food blog. Is that still in the works? Are you still doing gluten free?

    • Brandy Ferguson says:

      I actually feel really bad that it’s taking me so long to launch that site. I had several technical difficulties. I got most of them taken care of, and then I found out I was pregnant and had a rough few months physically. However…..I am feeling better and really wanting to launch that site. It’s one of my favorite things to do, after all… Cook for my family and share the recipes. 🙂 So keep nudging me. 🙂 No one is currently gluten free in our home, although I just did a short trial with myself….It turned out it wasn’t a gluten issue for me…. Not to say I won’t revisit the topic. I sure do believe we don’t need all this processed flour, etc. 🙂

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