November 23, 2017

Marinated Cucumbers and Onions

My husband and some of my boys LOVE these.  Dax grew up eating them and when our garden produced cucumbers like crazy this summer, it was one of the first things we made, besides eating them raw, and the obvious canning of pickles.

The recipe is so simple and easy and requires no canning.

To make, simply wash and peel your fresh cucumbers, and cut into thin slices.

Wash and slice onions into long strips.

Peel at least one clove of garlic per quart of cucumbers you’re making.

Pack sliced cucumbers, onions, and garlic loosely into your container of choice.  I love using mason jars, even if I’m not technically canning.

Fill to the top with distilled white vinegar and put lids on tightly.

Allow to set in fridge for a few days before eating this healthy snack.


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