December 17, 2017

Making Home a Haven: A Morning Routine Makes a Difference


Making my home a haven takes a heart for my home, sure, but it also requires some practical work to keep things running smoothly.  I’m the most present, and the most effective mother when I’m not frazzled, and a bit of prescribed order at the start of my day can be a huge help.

A morning routine can help you start your day off productively, and sometimes just setting this tone for the day can make a big difference.

Each morning, after some hot coffee and a few minutes of devotion, and before I ever start my diffuser, I do these five things to help stay on top of our family chores.

5 Things To Do in a Morning Routine


1.  Start the washing machine.  If your laundry is already done from the day before, congratulations.  I, however, will need to start the washer every morning for the next two decades.

2.  Start the dishwasher.  No matter how hard I try to avoid having dishes in the morning, inevitably, someone eats or drinks once I have closed the kitchen down for the night, and then almost every single morning, someone eats breakfast!

3.  Empty the dryer, and fold and put away those clothes.  I know.  Your favorite chore in the history of ever.

4.  Do a quick clean of the kitchen and living room.  Having the major living areas neat and tidy helps start the day off right.  Plus, it gets you warmed up to do it again 18 times today!

5.  Get everyone dressed for the day, including you!  Want to know why you find yourself still in your pj’s at lunch time sometimes?  It’s because you didn’t put yourself on the list.  Now you’re on the list.

Do you have a morning routine?


  1. When my kiddos were little, my mom told me that she had always prepared the vegetables for dinner that night. It got that out of the way and just left the prep of the main dish for later in the day when everyone was running wild. Now, more often than not, I’m putting food in the crock pot or grilling, but that little tip always did save me time and pulling out of my hair at the dreaded supper time meltdowns.

  2. Jolene Escalante says:

    I always like running the dishwasher at night so we can empty in the morning. It leaves the whole day for more. The more I get done the better the day goes. When worked I was forced to get up and moving and remembering that even now that I am home is key.

  3. I need to get better at this. I used to good about it when I had to take my daughter to preschool, now that she rides the bus my morning schedule is all over the place.

  4. I have a routine most of the time. My huge challenge is getting to bed on time so I can actually get up and start the day properly. If I don’t it’s a challenge getting on track. I like to pray first thing in the morning. Thanking the Lord for waking us all up and asking Him to protect our family and concerns on my mind. Hygiene duties 🙂 then kitchen clean up. From there I tend to do what immediate which is tending to the little kids since the older ones are usually doing their school work.

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