November 17, 2017

Magic Cookie Bars

magic 7 layer bar - 38

I have sweet memories growing up in the kitchen with my Mom, Grandma and sisters.  My older sister had a real knack for knowing exactly which desserts were most mouth-watering, and this one definitely tops the list!  We made these together at least a bajillion times.

They’re buttery.  And creamy.  And melty.  And chocolatey.  But they’re also crunchy.  And crisp where the graham cracker peeks up around the edges, in perfect harmony with the coconut and pecans. They’re like s’mores made with Mounds bars, on steroids.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

I love making these at Christmas time.

Or during the summer, in spite of the heat.  Because…

I just have to have them.

Oh yes.  They are that good.


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  1. Our family loves these! We add in chopped up caramels to add to the gooeyness (not sure if that is a word).

  2. Too funny!! Our family just made some Sunday for company and I finished off the last of them today! My grandmother used to make them for all the kids when we would come over and I would eat myself sick. Her recipe, which I use, calls for 1 c. butterscotch with all the ingredients you have listed. 🙂

    • My grandma would make these for us when we went camping! Her recipe had butterscotch chips like someone else mentioned! Fun memories!

  3. Blessed5x says:

    Oh my goodness! Those look so yummy! I have everything except the coconut… might be making a call to hubby before he leaves work at the grocery store!! 😉

  4. I haven’t made these in ages! Oh, yes, I will have to have some this week. Thanks for posting! I found you one Our Simple Country Life’s Cookies Exchange, by the way.

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