December 17, 2017

Let’s Talk About Food

Healthy Fruits & Vegetables

Over the years, I’ve been more and more compelled to eat healthy, but as a mother, I am even more so.  Giving my children the best chance possible  to grow into healthy, mature adults includes feeding them the healthiest foods I can.  Not a problem, since I love to cook and love to feed them.

It’s often difficult to navigate the world of nutrition when attempting to feed our children well with so many foods  filled with pesticides, growth hormones and GMO’s.   And I admit, I am in no way the expert.  But I do try.

Here are a few simple ways to make a big impact on your family’s nutrition:

Eat at home as much as possible.

Why is this such a big deal?  Because I can control a whole lot easier what goes into my children’s bodies.  We have no idea where restaurants get their foods or what’s in them sometimes, so eating at home allows me, at least a chance, to try and choose the best foods.

Choose organic milk and organic,grass-fed meat.

Why?  Milk  and meat that’s not organic is filled with RGBH, a growth hormone for cows that should NEVER be inside a child’s developing body.  Not to mention that these cows are also almost always corn-fed, antibiotic-doused, slaughterhouse nightmares!

Choose to eat organic spinach, spring mix, or green leaf salad with most meals.

This is a powerful way of not only getting in our “greens”, but also combating some of the “junk” that does happen to get into their systems.  Put some Ranch on it, your kid will eat it, too!

Don’t buy junk food!

This includes high-fructose-corn-syrup filled cookies and crackers.  It also includes other popular snack items like flavored tortilla and potato chips.  So what do our kids snack on when they’re hungry?  They eat fruit, or a yogurt cup (organic when possible), nuts, raisins, cheese, granola bars or whole grain cereal (usually organic)…..sometimes even a tomato with salt and pepper, or carrots and ranch.  If junk food is not in the pantry or fridge, then you don’t have to worry about your kid eating it.  Simple.

Buy organic apples.

Big deal.  So?  Our kids eat a LOT of apples!!  Apples are one of the biggest pesticide-laden fruits, after peaches.  Since our kids consume so many, paying the extra cash for the untainted varieties makes me feel like I am offering them the healthier option.

Pay attention to the dirty dozen list and try to make the best decision with what’s available.

I’ve done some research over the years and discovered that there are certain varieties of produce that are worth spending the extra money on for organic, and for others, like bananas or avocados, it doesn’t matter.  For instance, bananas and avocados have such a thick, tough skin, that when the conventionally grown varieties are tested in “the lab”, they have shown no significantly higher numbers of pesticides compared to their organic counterparts.  So, knowing this saves me a little cash and I can choose to spend it on things that I know are more tainted, like those peaches I mentioned, that when sprayed, absorb TONS of chemicals.  EWWW!  Or carrots, which sit in the ground and absorb not only the intentional spray, but the run-off from the ground around them.  Here’s a helpful article to help you make the most informed decision on what to buy organic and what’s okay to save your money on.

The Dirty Dozen

So there ya go.  Have fun shopping!  Eat healthy. Teach your kids to, too!

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