November 20, 2017

Kitchen Tip: How to Shred Chicken

I love to use shredded chicken for tacos, enchiladas, fiesta chicken, and chicken salad.

Forever, I have tried to shred chicken by cutting, pulling, and tearing, while ultimately…burning my fingers.

Those days are over since I’ve learned to use a simpler, easier, AND much faster method.

Simply place (boneless)cooked chicken (can be whole chicken breast or cut into smaller pieces) into mixer bowl, and with dough paddle attachment in place, “mix” on low speed for a couple of minutes until chicken is shredded.

Wow!  I wish I’d discovered this trick earlier!

How do you shred chicken?



  1. Stephanie C says: Thank you thank you thank you. Seriously.

  2. Brilliant! Just the other day I was shredding chicken with two forks and thinking, “there has GOT to be a faster way to do this.” Thank you!

  3. I found this on the internet a few months ago and I’m NEVER going back to the old way. Just watch the mixer b/c it goes really fast from nice shreds to pulverized!

    • I agree!! It goes so quickly, you can’t believe it, so just stand right there and wait – it will literally only take 30 seconds or so!! Put it this way, I shredded 20 lbs. of chicken breasts (in batches :-)) in about 15 min. 🙂 Amazing!!

  4. Heather T. says:

    Wonder if it would have the same affect on pork roast?

  5. Jennifer says:

    put the whole chicken in there- with the bones and everything?

  6. Would this work for shredded pork (a tenderloin or cubed roast) also?

  7. Do you think I could do this with the ninja?


  1. […] sweet friend Christie P. told me about this idea.  She got the idea from Marathon Mom, Brandy.  I thought Brandy’s brilliance needed to be  recognized, so please check out her […]

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