December 15, 2017

Jesus Loves


Last week, we packed our entire family into the big, white van, and in the pouring rain, made a short drive to a school where our two oldest boys may attend next year.

It’s a school we’ve known and loved for many years.  It’s the school where our oldest son went for Kindergarten through third grade – a private university model school where you attend three days a week, and spend the other two at home working on your lessons with your parents.

And it’s the school where we first met a family who we would be life-long friends with.

The boy in the video above is the son of our very dear friends that we met that night, nine years ago, when we attended a church service/school meeting before our boys began Kindergarten together.  We had been actively looking for a church for many months, and by God’s divine appointment, we found a church home that night, because it just so happened that Hudson’s parents were the pastors of a new church in our area.

Little did we know then how connected our families would remain.  Years later, after having watched our little boys grow into young men, we’re still in awe at all that God is doing through this family’s life.  We’re still missing them since they followed the call of God to Swaziland, Africa to help save the dying nation, but we’re blown away at the good things that are being accomplished over there.

Their son is 13.  Not a little boy anymore, but still very young to have such great anointing on his life, to possess such whittled talent, and most importantly, to have a heart for God.  Isn’t his song amazing?

I’d love it if you’d pass his song along.  And I hope you’re encouraged as much as I was.  Such a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us.

I asked Hudson to share the lyrics, and here they are:

You Love Me

by Hudson Freeman

Verse 1: Help God, the bottom’s fallen out of my life. Help God, pain has sunken in like a knife.

Pre-Chorus: And when I couldn’t see, you had grace on me. When I didn’t believe, you had unconditional love for me.

Chorus: You love me, more than I could ever see. More than I could ever dream, oh this king. You love me, more than I could ever sing. More than I could ever need, oh this king. He loves me.

Verse 2: Save me God, help me to have grace before danger. Save me God, help me to have love before anger.


Bridge: You run towards me with arms open wide, and I stand there with arms at my side. Yet you love me. You look at me, wanting embrace, and I stare at you with selfish distaste. Yet you love me, oh you love me.

To learn more about this missionary family, you can visit their blogs at:

Life for Swaziland

The Good Life

To support their efforts in Swaziland, please click here.




  1. I was just searching for a good recipe for homemade granola bars and came across your page. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and insight on faith and family and for sharing words of strength and encouragement. I admire you for your efforts to instill good morals in your family, especially in a world that seems to have forgotten sometimes the value and importance of family in society. It is also so encouraging to see families who include Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in their lives. Thank you for your example to many other mom’s trying to do the same!

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