December 15, 2017

It’s Over.

It’s finally happened.

The thing that we all knew was coming.

It was predicted quite some time ago, by both me and Dax.

And even though we had known for a while that it wouldn’t be long, it hit us suddenly and left us shocked



No, it’s not another baby.  

It’s this:

That’s right.

That’s an empty 13 x 9  casserole, just ten minutes out of the oven.

And it served all of us, well everyone except Landen, of course, as an….


The days are gone in which this pan, filled to its brim, with hot, bubbly goodness and a salad on the side will fill us up!

On this particular night, the pan was filled with a “hearty” chicken pot pie.  Mmm hmm.  “Hearty” enough to keep bellies full for all of five minutes before they were getting a bowl of cereal, perusing the fridge and asking what was for dinner.

So my menu may change some for this bunch of growing men.  In fact, it clearly must DOUBLE at least the main dish for most meals.

And so, as with most things in life, with the end of one thing comes the beginning of something new.

For us that means both buying in bulk (we like Costco) and learning more about using coupons to save money.  (No, I didn’t get paid to say that.  I really love shopping there.  I just got 20 pounds of organic unbleached flour for $9.99!) And  I won’t say I’ll go as far as Krazy Coupon Lady does, but I am willing to spend some time learning to save! 

In the meantime, I’ll be over here in my kitchen, cookin’ away, trying to keep up with these growing boys!




  1. Have you tried The Coupon Game?

  2. Oh, man! Do I ever identify!!

  3. Melissa Stoltzfus says:

    I love reading your blog! Always so short and down-to-earth- very practical for busy Moms! I am the oldest of 14 children, the youngest of whom is 6. I am married and expecting my 4th now, but my Mama still has many at home and says she cooks now more than ever! It was a challenge for me to go from cooking at home with a large family to being married and cooking for 2. Thankfully that didn’t last long 🙂 Now I’ve got 3 hungry little boys . . .maybe 4. Much easier to cook again!

  4. Melissa, thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment! Isn’t it wonderful to get to cook for a large family!?! 🙂 Congrats on your newest precious addition!

  5. This showed up as a link at the bottom of your post today… I remember the first time I had to make more than one pan of lasagna… I think now we’re safe if we make 3. It makes me so proud to see them grow, though! My oldest is within an inch of my height now, and it actually makes me feel good that he is hungry and appreciates the food we cook enough to have several helpings. While we don’t use Costco, we love Sam’s Club for the basics and bulk items. Good luck with 8 boys! We have our 6 boys, 2 girls, ages 14 to 1 with another someone on the way.

    • I’m confused….

      • Oh, sorry, the reason I responded to this was that sometimes on your blog, old posts show up as links at the bottom of new posts, and I was trying to figure out what “it’s over” means… meaning, making just one pan of ANYTHING. I responded because we know that feeling, too, of making a lot more to feed a large family.

        I was saying it’s good to see kids eat… even if it’s crazy trying to keep up with their growing!

        Um. What were you confused about?

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