September 25, 2017

It Works Body Wraps {Giveaway!}

Are Body Wraps For Real? |


I first heard about body wraps a couple of years ago just before I found out I was expecting our ninth baby boy.  I wanted to try them back then, but I didn’t have much of a chance.  Fast forward a big baby belly and a c-section later, and I am willing to give these things a try to see if they can indeed work at shrinking my (stretched out) middle.

Are they a permanent fix?  Nope.  But neither is washing your face.  And neither is a juice fast.  And neither is working out once.  You have to do things consistently to see and keep good results.

That’s why these wraps come in a box of four.   Sure, you can see results in as little as 45 minutes (after just one wrap), but if you do a full treatment – a box of four – you can literally lose inches, tone, AND tighten.  It sounded too good to be true to me, too, but I’ve seen several friends’ before and after photos, and well, they just speak for themselves.  And…after nine full-term pregnancies, I sure don’t have anything to lose (except inches!)

I ordered my box and have already been using the defining gel and can’t wait to wrap!  In the meantime, to share my excitement, I’m offering ONE LUCKY WINNER to the chance to try them for FREE!  Yep, simple as that!

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  1. Our former housekeeper sells them, but I’ve never tried them.

  2. Never heard of them but I just had a baby and would love to try them!

  3. I have heard of them but never tried them

  4. would love to try!

  5. I’ve seen them and have a friend want me to try them. They do look convincing, but not sure I wanted to spend the money yet.

  6. I’ve heard of them but have never tried them.

  7. I curious to see if they really work

  8. No and no but would love to try!

  9. Nope… interesting. Hmm… 🙂

  10. I just wrapped and lost 2 3/4″. Total inch loss is 9″!!!!! I’m amazed, y’all!

  11. I’m heard of them but never tried it. Would love to give it a try!

  12. I’ve seen these wraps and wondered if they really work, but financially haven’t been able to justify trying them. I look forward to seeing your results, as they just might be what I need to take the plunge with you!

  13. Never heard of them, but I’m expected #6 so I’d love to give them a try in a few months. 🙂

  14. I’ve heard of them from people on Instagram. We haven’t tried them though.

  15. i just started hearing about these! Would love to try them.

  16. Never have heard of them, would love to try!!

  17. Shelly Smith says:

    I’ve heard of wraps but never tried them! 🙂

  18. I may have heard of them but never used them.

  19. I have never heard of these before, but I am extremely intrigued to try them.

  20. Alessandra H says:

    These look intriguing!

  21. I have heard of them, but I haven’t tried them although I have considered it.

  22. Michelle Z. says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about them lately

  23. I have a post 8 baby/ 9 pregnancies body. I would love to try them. I do Trim Healthy Mama and Plexus, but maybe this would be the final push I need.

  24. I have a friend that sells them but I haven’t tried them yet.

  25. Been wanting to try these! After 5 kids, I could use a little help. 🙂

  26. Susan Allums says:

    I would LOVE to try one.

  27. I’ve seen a friend use them, but I’ve never tried them.

  28. Yes I have but have never tried.

  29. I have heard of them. I have a few people on my friends list that sell them, but I’ve been a little skeptical. I’d love to win one to try.

  30. I have heard of these but never tried before!

  31. I’ve never tried wraps but they sound intriguing. It would be fun to try them. 🙂

  32. Yes! I keep hearing about these wraps and am intrigued.

  33. Always nice to have a helpful start!!!!

  34. I’ve never heard of these, but after 7 children, I’d love to try them!

  35. im a distributor!!! Love them (and the greens are awesome too)!!

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