November 22, 2017

How to Make Popcorn without a Microwave

How to Make Popcorn without a Microwave |

I know. Fifty years ago, this blogpost would be entirely unnecessary.Ā  But then again, cyberworld didn’t exist as we know it, so here we are.

I quit buying microwave popcorn a long time ago due to the unhealthy nature of the GMO corn, the teflon in the bag, and of course combining all that with the potentially harmful effects from the microwave…Well, it just sounded like a recipe for disaster to me.

Not all that long ago, we didn’t have to worry about being able to find GMO-free corn to pop.Ā  Sadly, today, about 80% of corn grown in the United States is genetically modified.

The simple solution?Ā  Go back to the good old-fashioned way of popping corn that is GMO-free, just like I learned by watching my dad as a girl.

I’ve found an affordable GMO-free corn for popping at Tropical Traditions!

To make popcorn without a microwave, simply heat about half an inch of coconut oil (amount depends on size of your pot) in a large Dutch oven or stainless steel stew pot.

With lid handy, pour in just enough popcorn to make a dense, single layer.

Keeping heat at medium high/high, place lid back on pot and stand by, ready to adjust heat up or down if necessary. It only takes a few minutes!

The pot will fill to almost the top (or maybe overflow if you put too much popcorn in).

Our family’s favorite way to season our popcorn is with sea salt and Spike.

The boys love it!

Healthy Popcorn |

Can you tell?

Healthy Popcorn |


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  1. A friend of mine makes hers with olive oil and fresh rosemary… oh my goodness, it’s amazing. She cooks the rosemary right in and it gets crispy and delicious. Probably the most sophisticated popcorn I’ve ever eaten.

    • Are you serious?? That sounds divine! Teach us! šŸ™‚

      • It’s pretty much exactly the same, just add rosemary sprigs. And a lot of garlic salt. At least, that’s what I’d do.

        • Do you add the garlic salt and rosemary to the oil? It’s Friday night and the first batch has been devoured. I’m looking to try something different for the next round.

          • That sounds like great idea! Please post again with results! šŸ™‚

          • My results were less than great, although it was still eaten. I added garlic salt and stripped rosemary sprigs to the oil. By the time the popcorn was done popping the rosemary had scorched a little bit. The kids said, “it tastes like roasted potatoes!” They love roasted potatoes. I’ll have to tinker around and try it again.

  2. Hi Brandy,
    I order from Tropical Traditions often and I amazed that I did not know that they sell corn for popping. Thanks for the link! I assume I can make it in an air popper as well?! When I do it in a pot it usually burns.

    • Oh, sure. We have done that, too. But the oil and the stovetop produces a different flavor and texture. šŸ™‚ I “shake” the pot as the corn pops, but I am not recommending that since it could be dangerous. šŸ˜‰

  3. I have heard and read that popcorn is NOT GMO. Can you tell me where you have found that popcorn is GMO? Thanks.

  4. We make stovetop popcorn often! I use regular olive oil (not extra virgin) and it works great, no scorching. The flavor is excellent.

  5. Not even 50 years ago, Even 20 years ago everyone would have know how to make it without a microwave. Funny how times changed.
    I actually purchased a air popper after I started to really worry about all the chemicals that were in the bags of popcorn.
    Although it is not quite as good as stovetop, for me it is easier and that is worth a lot. LOL
    And both are WAY better than microwave.

  6. This is the only way I know how to make popcorn. I can never get the microwave one right :-). Next time I am going to try the Rosemary flavor. We sprinkle parmesan cheese.

  7. We are huge popcorn eaters around here. It was BOGO at my store last week and the young checkout girl stared at the canisters in amazement and asked how to make it on the stove. Maybe a convert in the making? Love the rosemary idea.

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