November 23, 2017

HoneyBaked Ham is Awesome!

*This is a sponsored post, and when I was asked to share about HoneyBaked Ham in time for Easter, I didn’t have to think too long and too hard.

HB ham

We’ve been fans for a long time.  I used to buy their delicious, glazed hams for Christmas Eve, but in recent years, I like to have one for Easter Sunday.

And with my upcoming surgery this Friday, yes, on Good Friday, I figured I wouldn’t be too up for cooking a whole lot myself.  HoneyBaked Ham to the rescue!

HoneyBaked Ham Makes Easter Easy!  |

I have already picked up our delicious ham (yes, I snuck a bite before I put away for Sunday), and even picked up a couple of sides and a cheesecake tray.

With the addition of a few rolls, appetizers like raspberry chipotle cream cheese and crackers, a big green salad, savory roasted vegetables, and of course a couple more desserts like carrot cake and magic cookie bars, I won’t have much work to do if I’m not feeling all that awesome by Sunday’s lunch.

I’m so grateful for so many things this Easter, and having most of our holiday meal prepared ahead of time is an added blessing!

Have you ever tried HoneyBaked Ham?

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